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Here at No Slaw In The Freezer, we pride ourselves on playing the nicest music around. We're the winner of J.D. Power and Associates' "Most Polite Show" award for seven years running, and we aim to make it to eight. We believe in bands from the early 90's through today. Some of our biggest clients include Karate, The American Analog Set, Tycho, Belong, Cheatahs, Boards of Canada and Jawbox.

No Slaw In The Freezer is always looking towards the future. CEO DJ Sanspants believes innovation is key. We plan on rolling out our new line of Pizza Love For Pizza Lovers Who Love Pizza pizzas in the next quarter. Our quality is second to none.

But please, don't listen to us. Here are some testimonials:

"I could not have won the Tour de France without the assistance of my Chiropractor." - Lance Armstrong

"I'm obsessed with my Nurse Jamie Beauty Pillow. It has not only saved me from back pain, but wrinkles too!" - Maria Menounos

"And if you don't listen to my show, well then f*** you." -Cosmic Amanda

"My show will not give you cholera. I guarantee it." -DJ Sanspants

Please send any queries to Noslawinthefreezer at, like us on Facebook, or bleet at us on Twitter @No_Slaw.

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