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Follow me, Brother Porter, as we delve into the sonic abyss of an ever-changing, ever-evolving library of musical fantasy. Each show I will curate a playlist focus on a central idea, feeling, relevant issue. There's a little Something for Everybody, and it's all connected. Of course Captain Murphy pairs well with a side of U.S. Girls! An entire show about gentrification? Sure. SPACE! Why not? On Them(e) Changes the aim is to build connections to a wide array of genres in order to find the common ground in sound...and maybe we'll do a secret track or two if you really listen closely. I'll even toss in some of the latest music news and reviews with a little info on upcoming tour dates etc. We aim to keep it relevant around here.

  • Wednesday 8:00 – 10:00pm


  • Tonight we follow artists as they speak on being in garbage relation-shits, how they got there, and the process of escape. 

  • So the Uptown in Oakland is shutting down. That blows. Here's my feelings in stages of grief and stories of fun.

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  • Sometimes the disaster is a wildfire or a torch in your eyes. Maybe it's Warlocks? Who knows? Probably the scientist who curated this playlist...

  • Jesus, that's a long title. Please read up on the subject. I'd suggest "Between the Notes:..." by Dr. Oliver Wang. 

  • Vibe out. Chill in. Get on that sway day lay. Tonight we're turning up the turndown. That doesn't really describe it all that well, but we're trying…

  • Tonight I'm feeling some kind of way so I figure I'll convey some of the tones and feelings and etc to curate a meaningful show for you…

  • Tonight we try to knock some education into our brains with a playlist based off the school of rock...I'm sorry about that joke.

  • Tonight, my dear friend, we will delve into some good ol' tv tunes just deep enough to whet your whistle on the taste of nostalgia...or something like…

  • It's Pride month, but it's also stay inside month, so I was hoping to bring a little bit of that feeling and history to your ears tonight.

  • Tonight we'll take some time to think about what it means to be awake or woke or at a wake as part of our 4 part series…

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