Flow Radio

About Flow Radio

In search of dreams between Control and Surrender
Seeds that sow,

Rise into Flow

- feel, bop, and grow -

Here at Flow Radio we promise:
- music that moves you
- occasionally freestyle rapping
- conversations that dive deep (Coming Back Soon)

When: Saturdays from 6:00pm - 8:00pm @ bff.fm

Tune-in and catch the flow.

Eras of the Show:

The Pregame
We started the show in 2014 as "The Pregame" with Dr. Moo and DJ Philthy with the intention of playing launch pad music before a night of partying. Over the years the show's reflected our growth as people. Our musical roots were formed from growing up in the Bay Area ranging from classic hip hop cyphers to raves.
(Freestyle Rap Cyphers, Hip Hop, Disco, and Upbeat Electronic music.)

The show then was about meeting interesting people.

That thread was the through line that grew into what has become Flow Radio.

Flow Radio (2018-2021)
At the start of 2016, we became Flow Radio. As we grew, we gravitated towards diving deeper. We were enthralled with the idea of the flow state. This concept has existed in hip hop since the jump. The word Flow, often times, meant your personal rapping identity. Finding or catching the flow meant finding the beat and balancing your rhymes on top of it.
As our musical tastes grew, so did our fam!
In 2018, We were joined by Saachi-Ko, who blessed us with her voice and sounds.

Since then, we have found flow in so many more genres and sounds. 
The unifying theme became music, conversations, and sounds that move you.

In 2020, we were hit with the pandemic. Around the same time Saachi-Ko and Philthy stepped away from the show to continue their personal journeys. The show transitioned from live to prerecorded sets.

Flow Radio since has been a musical diary and a written catalog of my (Dr.Moo's) Mindstate throughout the pandemic. Thanks for rocking with us and being part of the flow!

Heavy Rotation

  • Saturday 6:00 – 8:00pm


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