Them(e) Changes

About Them(e) Changes

Follow me, Brother Porter, as we delve into the sonic abyss of an ever-changing, ever-evolving library of musical fantasy. Each show I will curate a playlist focus on a central idea, feeling, relevant issue. There's a little Something for Everybody, and it's all connected. Of course Captain Murphy pairs well with a side of U.S. Girls! An entire show about gentrification? Sure. SPACE! Why not? On Them(e) Changes the aim is to build connections to a wide array of genres in order to find the common ground in sound...and maybe we'll do a secret track or two if you really listen closely. I'll even toss in some of the latest music news and reviews with a little info on upcoming tour dates etc. We aim to keep it relevant around here.

Heavy Rotation

  • Wednesday 8:00 – 10:00pm


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