transfiguration #23


  1. Rough Grazing by BJ Nilsen on Massif Trophies
  2. Outside by Inner Self on O.E. Outside Experience
  3. Open the Gift by Laraaji on Bring On the Sun
  4. Stabbed in Konya by Gohan on Stabbed in Konya
  5. My Garden by Sapphire Slows on Time
  6. Moonshake by Andres Oddone on Aura
  7. Lambi Judaai by Reshma on Hero (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  8. Untitled Death by Teresa Winter on Untitled Death
  9. 1-w Scape by Jeals on Flux
  10. . (Vibraphone, Marimbaphone, Malleted Wood, Two Synthesizers) by Josiah Steinbrick on Meeting of Waters
  11. Forests by Michael Claus on Memory Protect
  12. Troubadix in Afrika by Rüdiger Oppermann's Harp Attack on Tropical Drums of Deutschland
  13. Salto De Agua (Yeahman Remix) by El Búho on Chinampa
  14. Folha de Jurema (Carrot Green's Granola Mix) by Nicola Cruz, Artéria FM, Salvador Araguaya & Spaniol on Folha de Jurema
  15. 東京の雨が降る (Rain Fall In Tokyo Mix) by Max Wyatt on DSD - VA Compilation Vol.1
  16. Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes Sad by DJ Windows XP on Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes Sad
  17. Lk Tape Track by Huerta on Lk Tapes
  18. Don't by Batu on Marius
  19. Las Palmas by DJ Python on Dulce Compañia
  20. Rituals by TCP on Tcp
  21. Sitar Riddim by Sumohair feat. Saira Raza on Raja Sound - An India Bass Compilation
  22. Sound & Image by Martin Glass on The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass
  23. Batongo by Club Paradiso on Panoramica
  24. Mind's Eye Melody by Lone on Ambivert Tools, Vol. Two
  25. Pey Woman by Georgia on Import Fruit
  26. Twerk It (Original by Panthera Krause on Stonith
  27. Rapcha (PP's Freq Mix) by Adam Feingold on 'Rapcha'
  28. Bigger Than Me by Slim Steve on If Your Girl Only Knew
  29. Basement Vibes by Ray Kandinski on Lo Fi Is Dead
  30. Another Moon by Minor Science on Whities