transfiguration # 22


  1. B1 by Porn Sword Tobacco on Porn Sword Tobacco
  2. Emu III by Fort Romeau on Emulators
  3. Routine by Skee Mask on Iss002
  4. Track 004 by Storage Media on 001-4
  5. Westworld by Dead Man's Chest on Trilogy Dubs, Vol. 2
  6. Amalthea by Jason Fine on Moonscapes
  7. Get Back to You Soon by D. Tiffany on Blue Dream
  8. Alone Again by Meemo Comma on Ghost on the Stairs
  9. Je Sors (Stepping Out) by Thool & Marieke on Covered In Gloria
  10. Lullabies for the Lost and Forgotten by Beastie Respond on Information City
  11. Oelan Gunda by Pharaohs on In Oeland
  12. Traction (Lauer Remix) by Audiojack on The Balearic Disco Drop
  13. Dirty Work by Steely Dan on Steely Dan
  14. I'm So Green by Can on Can
  15. Danza Invinto by El Guincho on Pop Negro (Young Turks)
  16. Time To Meet Your God by Ariel Pink on Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (Mexican Summer)
  17. Fantastic Sam by Gap Dream on -- (Burger Records)
  18. It's a Fast Driving Rave Up Esprit by Esprit on -- (Esprit)
  19. Blood Dragon Theme by Power Glove on Power Glove
  20. The peace the earth could not give by John Maus on John Maus
  21. Party Time by Black Soul Express on Black Soul Express
  22. Honest by Sly & The Family Stone on Sly & The Family Stone
  23. A Friend - Crystal's Image by Northern Soul on Crystals Image
  24. Feel the Heat by Groundislava on Groundislava
  25. Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective on Summertime Clothes
  26. Caer by Buscabulla on Buscabulla
  27. "BabyRock" Rock by Clorofila on Clorofila
  28. como te extrano mi amor by Café Tacvba on Café Tacvba