transfiguration # 21


  1. Ray Wakes Up by Oneohtrix Point Never on Good Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  2. Intro by Mars89 on Lucid Dream
  3. Everybody [Interlude] (feat. Fly Guy Dai, Shabazz Palaces) by Porter Ray on Watercolor
  4. When I Pull Up by Ethereal on Mankind
  5. sunburn by Tinashe on Nightride
  6. Brujas by Princess Nokia on Brujas
  7. Gold Ghost by BOSCO on BOY
  8. Matrix by A.CHAL on ON GAZ
  9. Colan by Swan Lingo on Colan
  10. Hear Them Howling (feat. Jay Boogie) by Celestial Trax & Orlando Volcano on Thru Our Eyes, Pt. 1 - EP
  11. Cuánto (feat. A$AP Nast) by A.CHAL on ON GAZ
  12. Trabajo 3X6 by dj el g ,el g on Sabor FVLS
  13. Tira Tira (feat. Black Kray) by La Goony Chonga
  14. Solos (feat. Mess Kid) by Kelman Duran on 1804 Kids
  15. Mr. Tokyo by MadeinTYO on Thank You, Mr. Tokyo
  16. I'm a Nasty Hoe by Ugly God on The Booty Tape
  17. Please Shut Up (feat. A$AP Rocky, Key & Gucci Mane) by A$AP Mob on Thank You, Mr. Tokyo
  18. Islander by Wiki on No Mountains In Manhattan
  19. BLA BLA feat. Miss Red by Eyal Talmudi + Roy Chen on Saved My Eyes From Tears
  20. The Prophecy by The Comet Is Coming on Channel the Spirits (Special Edition)
  21. Teardrops lost in Rain by Findlay Brown on Love Will Find you
  22. Otis by The Durutti Column on The Durutti Column
  23. Two Lips by Choir Boy on Passive with desire
  24. Nightbird by Stevie Nicks on The Wild Heart
  25. Cherry by Chromatics on After Dark 2 (Italians Do It Better)
  26. Time To Live by Ariel Pink on Ariel Pink
  27. Footsteps in the Dark by The Isley Brothers on Go For Your Guns
  28. Never Say You Don't Have It by Soul Walkers on Soul Walkers
  29. No More Pain (Promises To A Younger Self) by Octo Octa on Where Are We Going? (Honey Soundsystem)
  30. Feel Da Vibe - A-Side by Persian on Feel Da Vibe
  31. I Feel by Octo Octa on My Feelings Towards You (Love Notes From Brooklyn)
  32. Change by See Other on Linda
  33. Take Me Down With You by Thugwidow on Dead Colony
  34. Don't Mean a Thing by Lapalux on Lapalux