Ghost Hardware first played Feels Like Vegas at 7:27pm on Thursday 18th Sep, 2014.


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  • this show is dedicated to the love of my life... who are they? that's a secret i'll never tell. you know you love me... xoxo, møod…

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  • A Smudge, a Smash, a Smidge. not enough and just a bit. Pinch of sugar and a psych of smidgeadelics

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  • happy 1st bday to the show~ feeling happy and excited (a remake of my very first episode) feat songs that have graced your ears before +…

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  • Channel ERS 120 mins

  • The Ocean Roars out a challenge for us to holler back. Call and response. frain and refrain. Ox & Yoke. Crouching Roar of the Sea. Wash…

    Flow Radio 120 mins

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