Businesswoman Special: Men Are Trash Edition


  1. I wanna know what love is by Julie Ruin on Julie Ruin (-)
  2. I wanna know what love is by Julie Ruin on Julie Ruin (-)
  3. Blast Me to Bermuda by Shannon and the Clams on I Wanna Go Home (1-2-3-4-GO!)
  4. His Story by TLC (-)
  5. Fuck and Run by Liz Phair on Exile in Guyville (Matador)
  6. Oh My God by Ida Maria (-)
  7. Off Duty Trip by The Raincoats on The Raincoats (rough trade)
  8. Flicker by Calamine (-)
  9. Crying Jag by Tilt (-)
  10. Man Down by Rihanna (-)
  11. Country by Kelly McFarling on Water Dog (-)
  12. Little By Little by Dusty Springfield (-)
  13. Spin the Bottle by The Juliana Hatfield Three on Become What You Are (Mammoth Records)
  14. Coma by Big Thief (-)
  15. Fellow Traveller by John K. Samson on Winter Wheat (-)
  16. You Disappear by La Luz on Single (Hardly Art)
  17. At the Purchaser's Option by Rhiannon Giddens (-)
  18. Sullen Girl by Fiona Apple on Tidal (-)
  19. Dead Eyes by Adia Victoria on Beyond The Bloodhounds (Canvasback/Atlantic)
  20. I'm Not Having It (feat. Positive K) by MC Lyte (-)
  21. Young Girl by The Distillers on Sing Sing Death House (-)
  22. For All the Boys in the World by Chicks on Speed on Will Save Us All (Chicks on Speed Records)
  23. Ghost by Vanwave (-)
  24. Touch Me Again by Petrol Girls (-)
  25. Armagh by Au Pairs (-)
  26. Love Is Blind by Eve (-)
  27. Line Up by Elastica (-)
  28. Keep on Livin' by Le Tigre on Feminist Sweepstakes (Mr. Lady)
  29. Barroom Women by Whiskey & Co. (-)
  30. End of the Line by Traveling Wilburys (-)