Abuela's Pantry #48

Aren't we all waiting to be crushed? To fall into trust with a cute new person, and then even after months of trying, staying crushed. Nothing will uncrush you, and sometimes that is all we need. To stay crushed.


  1. Go! by Plumtree on Predicts the Future (Cinnamon Toast Records)
  2. Our Song by Radiator Hospital on Something Wild (Salinas)
  3. True Love Will Find You In The End by Daniel Johnston on 1990 (Kramer)
  4. Nothing Came Out by The Moldy Peaches on The Moldy Peaches (Rough Trade Records)
  5. Dance With Me [EP Version] by Adam Green on Garfield (Rough Trade Records)
  6. Absolutely Cuckcoo by Magnatic Fields on 69 Love Songs (merge)
  7. Wrapped Up in Books by Belle and Sebastian on Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Matador Records)
  8. @ Me Next Time by Coping Skills on Relatable Web Content (Citywide Records)
  9. This Song Used To Be About You by kississippi on We Have No Future, We're All Doomed (soft peak records)
  10. i feel so small by boosegumps on (takes time records)
  11. Death of the Phone Call by WHATEVER, DAD on huli ka (Self-Released)
  12. My Orchids Are Dying by Boy Scouts on hobby limit (professional cross)
  13. Only World by Lomelda on Thx (Double Double Whammy)
  14. Azul by Natalia Lafourcade on HU HU HU (Sony Music)
  15. Incoherent love songs by P.S. Eliot on Introverted Romance in our Troubled Mind (Salinas Records)
  16. Everybody Wants To Love You by Japanese Breakfast on Psychopomp (Yellow K)
  17. on the lips by Frankie Cosmos on Next Thing (Bayonet Records)
  18. I Make Boys Cry by Adult Mom on Sometimes Bad Happens (Miscreant Records)
  19. for you by Free Cake For Every Creature on talking quietly of anything with you (Double Double Whammy)
  20. hi how are you by Addie Pray on Screentime (Father/Daughter Records)
  21. Wish We Talked Still by Hello Shark on Delicate (Ordinal Records)
  22. yr heart by hand habits (saddle creek)
  23. feel real by Wing Dam on Glow Ahead (Friends Records)
  24. he makes all the girls smile (with his smile) by Gaze on Shake The Pounce (k)
  25. Split Milk by The Crabs on Brainwashed (k)
  26. Mind Fields by No Vacation (Topshelf Records)
  27. Lo Que Siento by Cuco (self-released)
  28. loner by Kali Uchis on Por Vida (Soulection)
  29. Different by princess nokia on 1992 Deluxe (Rough Trade Records)
  30. Everything by Rayana Jay on Morning After (Angles)
  31. Break
  32. Moon Shoes by Ravyn Lenae on Moon Shoes EP (Three Twenty Three)
  33. Choke Cherry Horse by SPELLLING on Pantheon of Me (Visit http://spellling.bandcamp.com)
  34. Love On The Brain by Rihanna on ANTI (Westbury Road Entertainment)
  35. Cool by Gwen Stefani on Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (Interscope Records)
  36. me voy by ibeyi on ash (XL Recordings)
  37. Does It Get Easier? by Denai Moore on We Used To Bloom (Because Music)
  38. planeando el tiempo by elsa y mar on rey
  39. cupid by 112 on 112 (Bad Boy Records)
  40. Rose-Colored Boy by Paramore on After Laughter (Fueled by Ramen)