Bird Flu Kitchen 36, Just Music Missing Guest


  1. Talk About The Weather by Couches on Motivational Speaker
  2. Psych Numb by OJR on Acid Cowboy EP
  3. Dark Water by Hungry Skinny on Instant Generation
  4. To Be Swayed by Meat Wave on The Incessant
  5. I Dreamt by The Black Angels on Death Song
  6. On A turntable by The Interrupters on Say It Out Loud
  7. Little Star by Royal Headache on High
  8. Can't Hold On by Black Lips on Satan's Graffiti or God's Art?
  9. Stay Useless by Cloud Nothings on Attack on Memory
  10. Devil's Eye (Basilisk) by Fly Golden Eagle on Swagger
  11. Americana by Rose Hill Drive on Americana
  13. Drained Lake by Metz on Strange Peace
  14. Music Box by Thrice on Vheissu
  15. Liquor Store by Couches on Motivational Speaker
  16. Behold The River by The Snake The Cross The Crown on Cotton Teeth
  17. Lord's Prayer by The Hiss on The Hiss
  18. Helter Skelter by The Beatles on The White Album
  19. To Be Young by Ryan Adams
  20. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
  21. Age by Pistolita on Oliver Under the Moon
  22. The Jealous Guy Blues by Piebald
  23. Love you Dead by Paper Rivals
  24. Ants by Forgive Durden
  25. Brace for Impact by Down By Fire
  26. Lower Worlds by Rainer Maria on S/T
  27. Life Pass by Diarrhea Planet on Turn To Gold
  28. Arlo Guthrie by Alice's Restaurant