RERUN Tuff Signals 138: Happy New Year + 2016 Review

We review some 2016 album releases!


  1. Coconut Lifesaver by Dumpster Babies on Lost and Found (Tall Pat Records)
  2. Mongo Pusher by Bummers Eve on Bummers Eve (Almost Ready Records)
  3. I Don't Think So by The Coathangers on Nosebleed Weekend (Suicide Squeeze)
  4. How You Spend Your Time by Mountains and Rainbows on Particles (Castle Face Records)
  5. "Bodies" by The Gotobeds on Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic (Sub Pop)
  6. One With You by The Harlequins on One With You (dizzybird Records)
  7. California Hills by Ty Segall on Emotional Mugger (Drag City)
  8. Tungs by The Frights on You Are Going To Hate This (Dangerbird Records)
  9. Misery by SCRAPER on Misery (Slovenly Records)
  10. Small Talk by Feels on Feels (Castle Face Records)
  11. November by Kera & the Lesbians on Kera & the Lesbians (Self Released)
  12. Tread by Massenger on Peeling Out (Burger Records)
  13. Moore's Nautilus by Connections on Midnight Run (Anyway Records)
  14. New Structures by Nots on Cosmetic (Goner Records)
  15. Hollywood Heat Seeker by Ex-Cult on Negative Growth (In The Red)
  16. This Happy Sadness by Real Numbers on Wordless Wonder (Slumberland Records)
  17. Tip To Tail by Tyvek on Origin of What (Slumberland Records)
  18. Not Like You by Audacity on Hyper Vessels (Suicide Squeeze)
  19. Hole II by Meat Market on Dig Deep (Recess Records)
  20. Love Spell by Death Valley Girls on Glao In The Dark (Burger Records)
  21. Programmed by Alice Bag on Alice Bag (Don Geovanni Records)
  22. The Dream by Thee Oh Sees on Live In San Francisco (Castle Face Records)
  23. Needle Trade Off by GOGGS on GOGGS (In the Red)
  24. Dead Man's Gun by Thee Oh Sees on A Weird Exits (Castle Face)
  25. Apostle Island by The Blind Shake on Celebrate Your Worth (Goner)
  26. Last Regret by The Sueves on Change Your Life (HoZac Records)
  27. Girl by Danny & the Darleans on Bug Out (In The Red Records)
  28. Pity Party by Strwberry Jacuzzi on Watch The Clock (Some Weird Sin)
  29. What Should I Do by The Pukes on The Revenge of The Pukes (Tire Fire Records)
  30. Kiss You by Rebel Kind on Just for Fools (Urinal Cake Records)
  31. Don't Shoot by Tijuana Panthers on Max Baker (Innovative Leisure)
  32. Hey Medusa by Apache on Alcatraz (King Rocker)
  33. Unit A by Violent Change on VC3 (Melters)
  34. Could Be You by Allah-Las on Calico Review (Kemado Records)
  35. See Me Fall by Tony Molina on Confront The Truth (Slumberland Records)
  36. Used To Be by Terry Malts on Lost At The Party (Self Released)