Melters 010915


  1. Game and Performance by Deux on BIPPP: French Synthwave 1979-85 (Born Bad)
  2. Siri Fles by •Y• on Horizonte de Sucesos (Burka For Everybody)
  3. Vex by Seefeel on Succour (Warp)
  4. Other World by Kommunity FK on Close One Sad Eye (Cleopatra)
  5. Moral by SOD on Sound of Disaster (Self-released)
  6. Black Orgasm by Prag on Prag (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  7. Real Life by Gross (Self-released)
  8. Washed out by Hounds of Hate on Hate Springs Eternal (Braddock Hit Factory)
  9. The Freed Pig by Sentridoh on Original Losing Losers (Shrimper)
  10. All Good Things by Souled American on Flubber (Rough Trade)
  11. Your Timetable by Summer Cats (Slumberland)
  12. X by Bailterspace on Vortura (Matador)
  13. Technicolor Man by Kelly Stoltz on To Dreamers (Sub Pop)
  14. Sweet Smell by Eleventh Day Dream on Prairie School Freakout (Thrill Jockey)
  15. Dawning by Tamaryn on The Waves (Mexican Summer)
  16. Dance, Dance by The Beat on To Beat or Not to Beat (Passport Records)
  17. I Saw it in a Western Movie by Lost Bohemia on This Is Art? demo (self-released)
  18. Reflect on Rye by Emily on Reflect on Rye EP (Creation Records)
  19. Medication Time by The Shitty Limits on Speculate/Accumulate (Sorry State)
  20. Guess What? (Crunch) by Rational Animals on Bock Rock Parade (Katorga Works)
  21. New Skin by Leather on Easy (Slug Salt)
  22. Human Hot Dogs by Axemen on Derry Legend (Luxury Products)
  23. Disappear by Deaf Wish on Mercy (Radio Records Melbourne)
  24. Sacrifice by Flipper on Gone Fishin' (4 Men With Beards)
  25. Radical Student Mob in Satin Boots by 39 Clocks on Pain it Dark (Luxury Products)
  26. Chest of Steel by Spacin' on Deep Thuds (Richie Records)
  27. Cathode Ray by Screen Vinyl Image on Interceptors (Safranin Sound)
  28. Below The Drop by The Effigies on Haunted Town (Autumn Records)
  29. Ahogate by Destino Final on Atrapados (La Vida Es Un Mus)