goodbye 2017


  1. The Dark Tree by Horace Tapscott on Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz in the 70s (RCA)
  2. Ferris Wheel by Gabo Szabo on Dreams (Fresh Sound Records)
  3. Oak Wood by Drab Majesty on s/t (Dais Records)
  4. M. Music by Dingbat Superminx on Tasteful as Life / Discreet as Death (s/r)
  5. Politics of Love by Alex Cameron on Forced Witness (Secretly Canadian)
  6. Cybernetiplegia by Harriet Brown on Contact (Innovative Leisure)
  7. Petals by TOPS on Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus Records)
  8. Tender Buttons by Broadcast on Tender Buttons (Warp)
  9. The Trip by Still Corners on Strange Pleasures (Sub Pop)
  10. Rice In Bed by Froogy's Groovies on Is This Froogy's Groovies? (Death Records)
  11. Don't Wanna Do Anything by Froggy's Groovies on Soggy Joints
  12. If I Could Write Poetry by Television Personalities on Mummy Your Not Watching Me (Whaam! Records)
  13. Can't Loose My Way by Sagittaire on s/t (death records)
  14. Minnesota by The Courtneys on The Courtneys II (Flying Nun)
  15. Are You Experienced? by Psychic TV on Live At The Berlin Wall Part One (Temple Records)
  16. Slow Motion by Stef Chura on Messes (Urinal Cake Records)
  17. yr heart by Hand Habits on s/t (Saddle Creek)
  18. In Undertow by Alvvays on Antisocialites (Polyvinyl Record)
  19. Different Now by Chastity Belt on I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone (Hardly Art)
  20. Carrie by French Vanilla on s/t
  21. Freak Out by The Paranoyds on Eat Their Own (s/r)
  22. Come With Me If You Want To Eat by Toyota on The Multi Millions Brand Tournament Contest Tape Product (s/r)
  23. Break
  24. Early Mornings by Goth Babe on s/t (s/r)
  25. Cookie by Naomi Punk on Yellow (Captured Tracks)
  26. Don't Go by Moaning on s/t
  27. Sad Boy by Sirena Victima on s/t (s/r)