My Sick & Twisted Reality 44


  1. 8+2+8 II by Re-TROS on Before the Applause (Modern Sky UK)
  2. Five Fingers by Rat Fancy on Suck A Lemon (Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records)
  3. Mesopotamia by The B-52s (Warner Bros Records)
  4. Carole by Public Service on Demo (Self-Released)
  5. It Sends My Heart Into A Spin by Vanishing Twin on Dream My Numbers (Soundway)
  6. Man Amadeam by Googoosh on Pol (Taraneh Enterprises)
  7. Enjoy Your Life by Oby Onyioha on Doing It In Lagos (Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria) (Soundway)
  8. Last Girl by Soccer Mommy on Last Girl/Be Seeing You (Glad Fact)
  9. I Go Quiet by Personal Best on I Go Quiet (Specialist Subject)
  10. Lee Remick by The Go-Betweens on 78 'til 79 - The Lost Album (Jetset Records)
  11. Running Out by Fits on All Belief Is Paradise (Father/Daughter Records)
  12. How'd you like me now! by Bad Batch on Bad Batch (Self-Released)
  13. Break
  14. Real Dirt by DIN on Real Dirt (DKA Records)
  15. Crosses by Supernova 1006 on Unique World (Sierpien Records)
  16. Your World by SBSM on Leave Your Body (Thrilling Living)
  17. Fear by on Fear (Self-Released)
  18. Telephone by Throbbing Gristle on Grief (Get Back)
  19. Cry by Mars on China To Mars: Volume 1 (Feeding Tube)
  20. Existencia Aturdida by Tozcos on S/T (Verdugo Discos)