Van Jams Surf Rock #5


  1. Let's Go Trippin by Dick Dale on King of the Surf Guitar (Rockbeat Records)
  2. Peter Gunn by Duane Eddy on 100 best surf and rockabilly Hits (unknown)
  3. Love Me by Buddy Holly on 100 Best Surf and Rockabilly Hits (Unknown)
  4. Moment of Truth by Long Boards on Surf Rock:Hidden Gems (Unknown)
  5. Surf Mongol by Lost Acapulco on Surf Rock:Hidden Gems (Unknown)
  6. Tear it Up by Johnny Burnette on 100 Best Surf and Rockabilly Hits (Unknown)
  7. Perfidia by The Ventures on 100 Best Surf and Rockabilly Hits (Unknown)
  8. Ghost Riders in the Sky by Ramrods on 100 Best Surf and Rockabilly Hits (unknown)
  9. Scorpion by The Carnations on Keb Darge and Little Edith's (Unknown)
  10. Surfin' Bird by The Trashmen on Tube City! Best of the Trashmen (Unknown)
  11. California Sun by The Rivieras on California Sun (BMG)
  12. The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena) by Jan and Dean on The Little Old Lady from Pasadena (unknown)
  13. Hey Little Cobra by The Rip Chords on Hey Little Corba (unknown)
  14. Let There be Surf by The Chevelles on It camefrom the beach (unknown)
  15. Penetration by The Pyramids on Ultra-surf Presents: Hang Ten! (unknown)
  16. Surf N Destroy by Hawaii Samurai on Let there be Surf (unknown)
  17. Kopout by The hustlers on It came from the beach (unknown)
  18. Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry on 20th Century Masters (unknown)
  19. One Armed Bandit by The Nevegans on It Came From the Beach (Unknown)
  20. Mustang by Sir Frog and the Toads on It came from the Beach (Unknown)
  21. Twitchin' by The Pastel Siz on It Came from the Beach (Unknown)
  22. Pretty Thing by Bo Diddley on Bo Diddley (Unknown)
  23. Hanging One by The Ramblers on It Came from the Beach (Unknown)
  24. Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys on Fun, Fun, Fun (Uknown)
  25. Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy on The Best of Duane Eddy (Unknown)
  26. Holy Smoke by Tumbleweeds on Surf Rock: Hidden Gems (unknown)
  27. Space Walk by The Bel-Aires on Outer Space Rock and Roll Invasion (unknown)
  28. Caterpillar Crawl by The Lively Ones on Surf Rider (Unknown)
  29. Pipeline by The Chantays on Pipeline (Unknown)
  30. Ain't That Lovin You Babe by Link Wray on The Best of Link Wray (Rhino)
  31. Brozem Rock by The Astronauts on The Astronauts (unknown)
  32. Love 1985 by The Marketts on Out of Limits! (Dolton Records)
  33. Comanche by The Revels on Pulp Fiction (Unknown)
  34. Bucket T by Ronny and the Daytonas on G.T.O. (Unknown)
  35. Good Greeves by The Sandals on Best of (Unknown)
  36. Pray for Surf by The Honeys on Ultra-Surf Presents:Hang Ten! (Unknown)
  37. Surfin Wild by Jan and Dean on Ultra Surf Presents: Hang Ten! (Unknown)
  38. Goofy-foot Glen by John Severson on Ultra Surf Presents (Unknown)
  39. Power Surf by Jerry Cole on Ultra Surf Presents: Hang Ten! (Unknown)
  40. Wax Up The Board by The Fantastic Baggies on Ultra Surf Presents:Hang Ten (Unknown)
  41. Simon the Sensible Surfer by Bobby "Boris" Pickett on Ultra-Surf Presents: Hang Ten! (Unknown)