Space Crush Radio Episode 1!


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  2. Break
  3. Space Crush by Tatsuro Yamashita on It's a Poppin' Time
  4. 電話しないで Denwa Shinaide by 木村恵子 Keiko Kimura on STYLE
  5. ファッシネイション (Fascination) by 岡本舞子 (Okamoto Maiko) on Fascination
  6. TOWN by 吉田美奈子 Minako Yoshida on MONSTERS IN TOWN
  8. Heartbeat by MIHO FUJIWARA (藤原美穂) on California Crisis
  9. WASH (ウオッシュ) by 松原みき Miki Matsubara on The Premium Best Miki Matsubara
  10. 今夜はLONELY by Pink Lady on SUSPENSE
  11. Step Into The Light ~ After 5 Crash by 角松敏生 Toshiki Kadomatsu on AFTER 5 CLASH
  12. 淋しい熱帯魚 by Wink on 淋しい熱帯魚
  13. love is happening by Hiroshi Satoh on This Boy
  14. Morning Flight by Takako Mamiya on Love Trip
  15. Paradise Skyline by Starbow on Starbow I
  16. 1984 (西暦2000年に向けて) by Junko Yagami
  17. Layla by 黒住憲五 Kengo Kurozumi on Still
  18. 君のハートはマリンブルー by 杉山清貴&OMEGA TRIBE on 君のハートはマリンブルー
  19. Break
  20. mystical composer by kikuchi momoko on Adventure
  21. You Can't Find Me by 松田聖子 Seiko Matsuda on Citron
  22. First Light by Makoto Matsushita on First Light
  23. Good-bye Eggman by Keiko Kimura 木村恵子 on Style
  24. I'm in Love by 亜蘭知子 Tomoko Aran on 浮遊空間