Episode 14: "I'm Keeping a Record"

We're cresting on a wave of very strong live shows over the coming weeks, starting with the fourteen previewed here today.

The episode title comes from "Keeping a Record" by SOAR.


  1. That's Fine by TONER on Collection
  2. High & Dry by TONER on Collection
  3. Woods Island Club by Ziplock on Ziplock (Processional Cross)
  4. Ziplock by Ziplock on Ziplock (Processional Cross)
  5. No Pain by Patti on hags
  6. The Man from Orange by The Younger Lovers on Sugar in My Pocket (Southpaw)
  7. My Tears Are Wasted so Am I by The Younger Lovers on Sugar in My Pocket (Southpaw)
  8. Close Hand by Doncat on Kind of Love
  9. Leatherjacket by K. Skelton on Leatherjacket (Ghost Dog)
  10. Heartache by The She's on All Female Rock n Roll Quartet (Empty Cellar)
  11. Kogarashi by Kikagaku Moyo on House In The Tall Grass (Guruguru Brain)
  12. Baptism '89 by Perhapsy on THE
  13. Drop Dead by RAYS on RAYS (Trouble In Mind)
  14. I Call Lately by Latitude on L'atitude
  15. Former by Marbled Eye on EP (Melters)
  16. 109 by Traps PS on Lexicon Artist (Self Released)
  17. Rough Ideas of Love by Crissy Bell
  18. Wayfaring Love by King Tears
  19. Pictures of You by Sonny Smith (Easy Eye Sound)
  20. Getting Loose by Dick Stusso on In Heaven (Hardly Art)
  21. <3 by Future Twin on Situation EP
  22. Worms by The Brankas on My Parkour Body Is The Paint And The World Is My Canvas. I Don't See Obstacles, I See Opportunities.
  23. Keeping a Record by SOAR on dark / gold (father/daughter records)
  24. Great Highway by Jacob Aranda
  25. Untwined by Sea Dramas on Beware the Ephemeral
  26. Dedicated by Grace Sings Sludge on A Life With Dick (Empty Cellar Records)
  27. Primeval Memory by Zanna Nera on Primeval Memory
  28. Aster by Bill MacKay on Esker (Drag City)
  29. Enter Full Screen by Matt Baldwin