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hello, cheetle. 

well, holy minx. this is something special. hello, cheetle., Sea Witch Productions, Best Frequencies Forever, and The Gallalary teamed up to create a month of crazy cool events, including this out-of-sight live show for womxn, femmes, and non-binary folks only! (we asked the boys to stay home and streammmm this dream). 

No Apologies On-Air: featuring a live set by Sarah Bethe Nelson, followed by a panel discussion with local womxn in the rock'n'roll industry, plus lots of badass babe jams in between...all LIVE on cheetle radio. 

so, who's on this panel?? 

Amber Schadewald: radio host, duh, and co-founder of hello, cheetle.
Sarah Bethe Nelson: amazing SF Musician
Lauren Marie Navarro Espina: badass producer/promoter, Sea Witch Productions Founder 
Cosmic Best Frequencies Forever Founder and manager and DJ!
Nicole SalmeriLash Music Media & Licensing Partner & Director of "No Apologies" documentary
Sarah SextonOIM Records Co-Owner, Oaktown Indie Mayhem owner, booker/promoter
Lien DoDifferent Fur Studios Sound Engineer, Musician & Designer
Elle Carroll, editor at DoTheBay & contributor at SF Weekly

oh yeahhhhh. it's magic alright. #sorrynotsorry


the cheetles 

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