Episode 1: DJ4AM & DJMarloca shout out The Yay Urryuh!!!

The very very very very 1st episode of Opal Heights... still working out the bugs.

This week we have host DJ4AM welcoming guest DJMarloca, running down a solid 2 hours of Bay Area music focusing heavy on Hip Hop and Electronic...Word.

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Professor Brian Oblivion,Mix Master Mike, DJ Design, Mystic, Kool DJ Rize, Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Get the Hater, Gold Chains, The Coup, Ryth-A-Rama, DJ Cue, Ben Wa, Mystik Journeymen, Lightbulb & DJ Eons One, DJ Qbert,Home Bass / Mother Earth Sound System, Junior Varsity KM


  1. Caution by Professor Brian Oblivion (Clockwise) Info
  2. Break
  3. Atmosfear by Mix Master Mike on Valuemeal 12 Inch Combo Deluxe (Asphodel) Info
  4. Soul Power '70 by DJ Design on Various Artists ‎– Urban Revolutions (The Future Primitive Sound Collective) (Future Primitive Sound) Info
  5. The Life by Mystic on Cuts For Luck and Scars For Freedom (Good Vibe Recordings) Info
  6. Break
  7. Ok...Alright by Mystic on Various Artists - Rules of the Game (Tripek Records) Info
  8. Beneath the Underdog by Kool DJ Rize on Beneath the Underdog (Malvado Records) Info
  9. Alkoholik Rimer by Bullet Proof Space Travelers on Built To Last (Stray Records) Info
  10. All Stages Must Endure the Chaos by Get the Hater on Get the Hater (Records to the Neck) Info
  11. Break
  12. Straight From Your Radio by Gold Chains on Straight From Your Radio (Tigerbeat6) Info
  13. Strange Arithmetic by The Coup on Sorry to Bother You (ANTI-) Info
  14. Mod-Modern Man by Ryth-A-Rama Info
  15. Starpack by DJ Cue (feat. DJ Quest) on Various Artists - Cue's Hip Hop Shop Volume 2 (Stray Records) Info
  16. Destroy All Lines by Ben Wa on Elektro-Krazy (Malvado Records) Info
  17. Mercury Rising by Mystik Journeymen (feat. The Grouch) on Mercury Rising (Revenge Entertainment) Info
  18. Break
  19. White Owls 4 Nite Owls by Lightbulb & DJ Eons One on La Barranca (Sanctimonious Records) Info
  20. Moth-Rah (Mothmen) by DJ Qbert on Extraterrestria (Thud Rumble) Info
  21. Break
  22. Ascending Bliss by Home Bass / Mother Earth Sound System on The Groove - EP (Mother Earth Records) Info
  23. Towards a Psychedelic Beat by Junior Varsity KM on Teledesic Disco 2 (Darla Records) Info
  24. Cholo Curls by Secret Sidewalk (CB Records) Info
  25. Untitled AKA B5 by Lesser / Matmos / Wobbly on Simultaneous Quodlibet (Important Records) Info
  26. Methods (Parts 1 & 2) by Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf on Big Shots (Stones Throw) Info
  27. Mixed Emotions (DJ4AM Mixxx) by Chris Connor on Edits (Atlantic / Vampire On A Pony) Info
  28. Can-U-Feel-Me? by Saafir on Boxcar Sessions (Qwest) Info
  29. Break
  30. Highly Intellectual by KutMasta Kurt presents MC Blabber on Unreleased Demos 1993​-​94 [Explicit] (Threshold) Info
  31. The Element of Surprise by E-40 on The Element of Surprise (Jive Records / Sick Wid It Records) Info
  32. Oakland Blackouts by Hieroglyphics on 3rd Eye Vision (Hieroglyphics Imperium) Info
  33. Implosion by L*Roneous Da Versifier on Imaginarium (LR1 Entertainment) Info
  34. Break
  35. O.C.B. Anthem (feat. Deuce Eclipse) by O.C.B. (Romanowski & J.A. Whitefield) on Pot Pot Pourrie (Trouser Trout Records) Info
  36. When MC's Dream by Jason Nevermind (feat. Sach [The Nonce] & DJ Taber King) on The Vampire Mixtape V.1 (The Vampire On A Pony Network)
  37. The Way We Swing by Digital Underground on Sex Packets (Tommy Boy Music) Info
  38. Hey Love (DJ4AM Remix) by Stevie Wonder on Edits (The Vampire On A Pony Network / Tamla)
  39. Break
  40. Paper Thin (DJ4AM Remix) by MC Lyte on Bootleg Versions 4 DJs (The Vampire On A Pony Network)
  41. Stanga by Little Sister (Stone Flower) Info
  42. Granulated Sugar by Dopestyle 1231 on Kutmasta Kurt presents Dopestyle 1231 (Threshold) Info
  43. The Gawd Damned Trunk (DJ Premier Bootleg Ver$ion) by Jason Nevermind on Deep Thoughts w JNeva V.1 "The Black Cat" (The Vampire On A Pony Network)
  44. Break
  45. Feel the Funk by Professor Brian Oblivion (Clockwise) Info
  46. Wreck Your Ears (Can Do) by The B.U.M.S on Lyfe 'N' Tyme (Priority / All City) Info
  47. The Tide Is High (DJ4AM Boom Bap Remix) by The Paragons on #Bootleg #Edits ☠4☠ #DJs #Reggae #Edition (The Vampire On A Pony Network) Info
  48. 93 Swing by Motion Man on Mo' Like Flows On / '93 Swing (Stepsun Music Entertainment) Info
  49. Suicide Is Played Out by Z-Man & G-Pek on In Case You Forgot (Gurp City) Info
  50. Back Stabbers by Suga T on It's All Good (Sik Wid It) Info
  51. Move Up (B.Cause Dirty Drums Edit) by The Swan Silvertones on bootleg (NA)
  52. Break
  53. Whut Iff??? by E.O.C. on Elements Of Change (Hella Records) Info