Mar 17


  1. East Harlem by Beirut on East Harlem (Pompeii)
  2. Cities Become Less Important by Les Mouches on You're Worth More To Me Thank 10,000 Christians (Orchid Tapes)
  3. Wish Upon A Storm by Jom Comyn on In The Dark on 99 (All the Time, All the Time) (Value Records)
  4. Buzzing in the Light by Dr. Dog on Buzzing in the Light (We Buy Gold)
  5. Burnin' Up by Sonny Smith on Rod For Your Love (Easy Eye Sound)
  6. English Roads by The Shilohs on Private Lives / English Roads (Light Organ)
  7. Someone to Remind You by Battlehooch on Hot Lungs (Chuur)
  8. Cassanova Parts I & II by Social Studies on This Is The World's Biggest Hammer (Self Released)
  9. Everyday by Diane Coffee on Everybody's A Good Dog (Western Vinyl)
  10. Smooth Sailin' by Leon Bridges on Coming Home (Columbia)
  11. Stay In My Corner by The Arcs on Yours, Dreamily (Nonesuch)
  12. Joe's Dream by Bat For Lashes on The Bride (Parlophone)
  13. The Lilac Bush by Slow Dakota on The Ascension of Slow Dakota (Massif)
  14. Torches by Half Waif on Torches (Cascine)
  15. Humaniora by Sound of Ceres on The Twin (Joyful Noise)