1. Wanna Sip (Sissel Wincent Remix) by Fever Ray on Wanna Sip (Mute)
  2. Infin Path by Negative Gemini on Bad Baby EP (100% Electronica)
  3. In the Hanging Gardens by Pinkshinyultrablast (Club AC30)
  4. To Follow & Lead by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on The Kid (Western Vinyl)
  5. My House Of Equalizing Predecessors by Greg Fox on The Gradual Progression (RVNG intl.)
  6. The Valley by LA Takedown on II (Ribbon Music)
  8. Lifestyles by Sean Nicholas Savage on Yummycoma (Arbutus)
  9. Cease and Desist by Alice Glass (Loma Vista)
  10. Mindmaze by E.M.M.A. (Coyote Records)
  11. Chlorine by Blank Body on Isolator (Iguana Entertainment)
  12. The New Industry by Antwood on Sponsored Content (Planet Mu)
  13. Smoke Break by Gaika on The Secular Empire II (Warp)
  14. Delicious (feat. Tommy Cash) by Charli XCX on Pop 2 (Asylum / Atlantic)
  15. No Wave (feat. Denzel Curry) by IDK (HXLY)
  16. Complet Brouille by Essaie Pas (DFA)
  17. Moonlight by Xeno & Oaklander (Ghostly International)
  18. Like a Father by The Soft Moon on Criminal (Sacred Bones)
  19. Dark Enough (CFCF Remix) by Health on Disco 3+ (Loma Vista)
  20. Metro by Gazelle Twin on Kingdom Come (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)
  21. Jackpot by Dorian Electra (Self Released)
  22. Bite Down Hard by Street Sects on Things Will Be Better In Hell (Artoffact Records)
  23. Harold & Cindy Hospital by Severed Heads (Artoffact Records)
  24. The Currents Mislead (Hand in Hand) by Cremation Lily on The Process and Instruments of Normal People; Trying and Failing, Falling and Water Running (Self Released)
  25. Out to Rust by Call Super on Arpo (Houndstooth)
  26. IOA Industries by Palmbomen II on Memories Of Cindy (Beats In Space)
  27. Temples by Lone (R&S Records)