Creep Magnet #50


  1. Vivre Pour Vivre by Francis Lai (N/A)
  2. Me and Michael by MGMT on Little Dark Age (Columbia Records)
  3. Feed Me With Your Kiss by My Bloody Valentine on Isn't Anything (Sire Records)
  4. Another Day by Strawberry Switchblade on Strawberry Switchblade (Domino Recording)
  5. The Fate of Modern Man by Simon Bell (N/A)
  6. Red Balloon by Small Faces (N/A)
  7. Stefanie Und Th Deep Blue Sea by Texasbob Juarez on On a Distant Shore (Texasbob Juarez)
  8. Cangrejos En La Cocina by Linea Vienesa on Remando En El Volga (Domestica Records)
  9. Touche pas mon sexe by Comix on BIPP (N/A)
  10. Break
  11. Up the Neck by Pretenders (N/A)
  12. Sange han sjong var min egen by Lili Lindfors (N/A)
  13. Candy and a Currant Bun by Pink Floyd (N/A)
  14. Candy Colored Dragon by Bobby Jameson (N/A)