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  1. Best of Trip Hop & Hip Hop Beats by KarmawiN on S!x Music (S!x Music)
  2. Fire in the Sky by SOJA on Poetry in Motion (Soja Music)
  3. One Day by Matisyahu on Spinner (JDub Records)
  4. Creation's Daughter by Nahko Bear feat Sandra Fay on NA (NA)
  5. Thinking Bout You by Justin Chittams Cover on NA (NA)
  6. Young by Seinabo Sey on Pretend (Universal Records)
  7. Valentine by Rina Sawayama on RINA (Rina Sawayama)
  8. IDGAF feat Yaarrohs by Dimond Saints on NA (NA)
  9. A Little More Free by Random Rab on aRose (NA)
  10. The Jazz Hop Conspiracy Vol 1 by S!X on S!x Music (S!x Music)