Episode 4: K'in Sventa Hosts, Wolf Langis Guests

Episode 4 of Opal Heights...

This week K'in Sventa plays some cuts from local hip-hop and electronic artists and welcomes another member of his True Indigo collective, Wolf Langis, blessing us with an improvised live set.

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DJ Basta, The Coup, Yuna, mieksneak, John Looke, Pacific Yew, samplelov, Idhaz & Rose Cherami, Wy-re, SubtomiK, Phillip Drummond, Snuise, arboreal, Selim X, rayreck., A-Plus, Motel Crew, Latyrx, Randy McPhly, ovrkast, Mophono, Mani Draper, DJ Flow, Dr. Gray & Mr. Steele, Sueños


  1. lightforms by DJ Basta on lightforms - EP (Self Released)
  2. Me & Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night by The Coup on Steal This Album (Dogday Records)
  3. Broke Her (mieksneak Rework) by Yuna on Self-Released (Self-Released)
  4. Black Shoes Black Shirt by John Looke on 16 into 4 (Hot Record Societé)
  5. Hurry Up by John Looke on 16 into 4 (Hot Record Societé)
  6. Bamboo by Pacific Yew on DT014: PACIFIC YEW - Trees / B​-​Sides (Dirty Tapes)
  7. i don't wanna do this anymore (XXXTENTACION Cover) by samplelov on Self-Released (Self-Released)
  8. take in tenths by Idhaz & Rose Cherami on try in (true indigo)
  9. Some Girls by Wy-re on Self-Released (Self-Released)
  10. [ digital bath ] by SubtomiK on Digital Bath [ep] (Self-Released)
  11. Caves (feat. Negatron) by Phillip Drummond on Self-Released (Self-Released)
  12. Bodhi/Tekla by Snuise on Reminiscence (Self-Released)
  13. full circle by arboreal on anymore / yet (Self-Released)
  14. Fallen Angel by Selim X on Reflexion (Self-Released)
  15. If You Can Not (rayreck. Remix) by MC Lyte on P. Posse ((Self-Released))
  16. What's Hannin by A-Plus on My Last Good Deed (Hiero Imperium)
  17. Don't Ask Permission by Motel Crew on Motel Crew (Megakut Records)
  18. The Quickening (The Wreckoning Part II) by Latyrx on The Album (Solesides)
  19. Rubies and Sapphires by Randy McPhly on The M.O.M. Project (Self-Released)
  20. How You Feel (what u going thru) by ovrkast. (Self-Released)
  21. Flynamic 44 (feat. Ernie Fresh) by Mophono (CB Records)
  22. Improvised Beat Set and Talk Break by Wolf Langis
  23. Reloaded! by Mani Draper & DJ Flow on Rawk! (At the Ave Records)
  24. Can't Poison the Sunlight by Dr. Gray & Mr. Steele on Can't Poison the Sunlight (Extra Lovely Records)
  25. South Africa by Sueños on Shots Fires (Self-Released)