1. Twijfels by De Brassers on Koude Golven
  2. Negativland by NEU! on Neu 1
  3. Rocket USA by Suicide on First Album
  4. Factory Forehead by Crash Course in Science on 1981
  5. Kill the Enemy by Michael Yonkers Band
  6. Hiroshima Mon Amour (Alternate Version) by Ultravox! on Ha! Ha! Ha! (Remastered & Expanded)
  7. Mondo Zombie by Hermann Kopp
  8. Things by Plus Instruments
  9. Excitement by The Production Club
  10. Electric Heat by Visitors on [Cease & Desist] DIY (Cult Classics from the Post-Punk Era 1978-82)
  11. White Night by The Lines
  12. New York by Swell Maps on Jane From Occupied Europe
  13. Ex Lion Tamer by Wire on Pink Flag (Harvest)
  14. Psycho Analysis by They Must Be Russians
  15. Eruit by De Brassers
  16. Drop Dead by The Punks