cheetle radio 4.27.18...creepin w/SPOOKY MANSION

hello, cheetle.

her teeth may be full of kale, but cheetle amber promises to brushy brushy in time for radio hour. she'll be joined in the studio by Grayson from Spooky Mansion --they're just off a badass release show last night w/Sandy's. Their sizzling debut album, Alright, is a real hit. We'll chat it up while you brush your fangs, too. Speaking of teeth...Grayson has a thing for widoms. We'll get to the ROOT of that, yip.

also on the playlist, old faves and new faves from Spyrals, King Khan, Dahga Bloom, Shannon & The Clams, Ty, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, and morrrrrrrre...


the cheetles


  1. disguise by the spyrals on the spyrals (inside the moon)
  2. rainbow scarecrow by sisters of your sunshine vapor on lavender blood
  3. orbit room by spooky mansion on alright
  4. mirror chop by Flavor Crystals on three (mpls ltd)
  5. johnny by CARAVAN 222 on never a prophet in your own land (homhomhom)
  6. close encounters by ganglians on deathstock II (death records)
  7. fallin 4 u by part time on virgo's maze (burger)
  8. cold clock by spooky mansion on alright
  9. no by night shapes on wake up
  10. the ghost with the most by the almighty defenders on the almighty defenders (VICE)
  11. i never wanted love by shannon and the clams on onion (easy eye sound)
  12. love you so by the king khan & BBQ show on the king khan & BBQ show (in the red)
  13. brain telephone by Frankie and the Witch Fingers on brain telephone (permanent records)
  14. trip inside this house by magic shoppe on triangulum australe (optical sounds)
  15. supa by Dahga Bloom on no curtains (captcha records)
  16. nonentities by tense men on where dull care is forgotten (faux discx)
  17. pressure cooker by pikelet on calluses (chapter music)
  18. mind daze by psychic ills on hazed dream (sacred bones)
  19. bad kids by black lips on good bad not evil (VICE)
  20. fanny dog by Ty Segall on Freedom's Goblin (Drag City)
  21. ralphie by post animal on When i think of you in a castle (polyvinyl)
  22. money by the drums on portamento (frenchkiss)