SST Records


  1. Announcement by Negitivland on Escape From Noise (SST)
  2. Quiet Please by Negativland on Escape From Noise (SST)
  3. TV Party by Black Flag on Damaged (SST)
  4. The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill by Husker Du on New Day Rising (SST)
  5. Schizophrenia by Sonic Youth on Sister (SST)
  6. Sludgefest by Dinosaur Jr on You're Living All Over Me (SST)
  7. Viet Nam by Minutemen on Double Nickled on the Dime (SST)
  8. Chemical Wire by fIREHOSE on Ragin, Full On (SST)
  9. Rich Daddy by The Dicks on Kill from the Heart (SST)
  10. I Am Right by Saccharine Trust on Paganicons (SST)
  11. I Against I by Bad Brains on I Against I (SST)
  12. She's Looking At You by Leaving Trains on Kill Tunes (SST)
  13. Flower by Soundgraden on Ultramega OK (SST)
  14. Up On the Sun by Meat Puppets on Up On The Sun (SST)
  15. Distended by Slovenly on Thinking of Empire (SST)
  16. Supernova by Opal on Happy Nightmare Baby (SST)
  17. 2541 by Grant Hart on Intolerance (SST)