Creep Magnet #53


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  1. My Old Piano by Diana Ross on Diana (Motown Records) $ Buy
  2. The Name of the Game by ABBA on ABBA Gold (Polydor) $ Buy
  3. Tonite by The Go Go's on Beauty and the Beat (Capitol Records) $ Buy
  4. I Found Love by Annette B on Suggestive Movements (Jet Star Music) $ Buy
  5. I'm So Sorry by Carroll Thompson on The Best of Original Lovers Rock (Jet Star Music ) $ Buy
  6. Cos You Love Me Baby by Paulette Tajah on Sir Lloyd Greatest Hits (Sir Lloyd Music) $ Buy
  7. Special Way by Sylvia Tella, Longsley D on Jet Star Reggae Max Presents... Sylvia Tella (Phoenix Music ) $ Buy
  8. After Prom by Farrah Abraham on My Teenage Dream Ended (n/a) $ Buy
  9. Call Me Naughty ft Nandi Ndlovu by Batuk on Musica da Terra (Batuk) $ Buy
  10. Tu me'en veux by Njie on Avec sincerite (Njie) $ Buy
  11. Грустный дэнс by Луна on The Best of Russian Indie 2016 (Believe Special Marketing) $ Buy
  12. Stupid Girl by Garbage on Absolute Garbage (Almo Sounds) $ Buy