Creep Magnet #53


  1. My Old Piano by Diana Ross on Diana (Motown Records)
  2. The Name of the Game by ABBA on ABBA Gold (Polydor)
  3. Tonite by The Go Go's on Beauty and the Beat (Capitol Records)
  4. I Found Love by Annette B on Suggestive Movements (Jet Star Music)
  5. I'm So Sorry by Carroll Thompson on The Best of Original Lovers Rock (Jet Star Music )
  6. Cos You Love Me Baby by Paulette Tajah on Sir Lloyd Greatest Hits (Sir Lloyd Music)
  7. Special Way by Sylvia Tella, Longsley D on Jet Star Reggae Max Presents... Sylvia Tella (Phoenix Music )
  8. After Prom by Farrah Abraham on My Teenage Dream Ended (n/a)
  9. Call Me Naughty ft Nandi Ndlovu by Batuk on Musica da Terra (Batuk)
  10. Tu me'en veux by Njie on Avec sincerite (Njie)
  11. Грустный дэнс by Луна on The Best of Russian Indie 2016 (Believe Special Marketing)
  12. Stupid Girl by Garbage on Absolute Garbage (Almo Sounds)