Creep Magnet #54


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  1. Quit Picking on Me, Dumb Bitch by Clit Kat on Downright Dirty (n/a) $ Buy
  2. Safe Neighborhood by Madonna (n/a) $ Buy
  3. Namak by KHiiS on Demo (Self-Released) $ Buy
  4. Rearrange the Room by The Bedroom Witch on Moon Bathing (n/a) $ Buy
  5. Joy / Rage by SBSM (n/a) $ Buy
  6. Sorrow by Life without buildings on Any other city (Tugboats) $ Buy
  7. You can't be funky by Bush Tetras on Boom In the Night (ROIR) $ Buy
  8. Stupid Girl by Garbage on Absolute Garbage (N/A) $ Buy
  9. 1,618 by Charlotte Adigéry on Charlotte Adigéry (DEEWEE) $ Buy
  10. The B-52s by Planet Claire (n/a) $ Buy
  11. Christine by Juniore on Christine (N/A) $ Buy
  12. live by The Virtuals (n/a) $ Buy
  13. Mae Kah Som Tum by Onuma Singsiri (n/a) $ Buy
  14. Don't go back at ten by girl ray (n/a) $ Buy