No Slaw In The Freezer - January 21, 2015


  1. Fault Lines by Beacon on L1 (Ghostly International)
  2. Tamboura Jah by Daniel Lanois on Flesh and Machine (Red Floor Records)
  3. Murderer by Vary Lumar on Breaker (Self Released)
  4. Break
  5. Change Of Coast by Neon Indian on The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V Volume 1: Original Music (Mass Appeal)
  6. Our Wild Friend by Monogold on This Bloom (Self Released)
  7. A .'. A .'. by Courage Cloak on Courage Cloak (Escape Plan Blueprint Records)
  8. Declination (feat Joel Ford) by Com Truise on Wave 1 (Ghostly International)
  9. We Are Siamese by The Lees of Memory on We Are Siamese (Velocity of Sound)
  10. Fogerty by Knock Over City on Settling EP (Self Released)
  11. Opening Parade by Cepia on Ghostly 15: Deep Cuts &Collaborations (Ghostly International)
  12. Seeds by Exit Verse on Exit Verse (Ernest Jennings Recordings)
  13. Darker Side Of Sunshine by Bell Gardens on Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions (Rocket Girl)
  14. Conditional Report by Twerps on Underlay (Merge / Chapter Music)
  15. Cheap Extensions by Sonny & the Sunsets on Talent Night at the Ashram (Polyvinyl)
  16. Leche Loco by Purple on (409) (Play It Again Sam)
  17. Small Talker by Songs For Snakes on Songs For Snakes (Self Released)
  18. Painted Sign by Matthre Melton on Outside of Paradise (Southpaw)
  19. Circles by Ty Segall on Mr. Face (Famous Class)
  20. Check Yo Cell by Tim Fite on iBeenHACKED (Self Released)
  21. Bury Our Friends by Sleater-Kinney on No Cities to Love (Sub Pop)
  22. Mikey's Rules by Happy Diving on Big World (Father/Daughter Records)
  23. Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) by Flying Lotus on You're Dead (Warp)
  24. A Doll's House/Pavlovia by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith on Club Meds (Arts & Crafts)
  25. Pointless Experience by Viet Cong on Viet Cong (Jagjaguwar)
  26. Bubble by The Dodos on Individ (Polyvinyl)