Ep 24: "this is priceless/ it's not valuable"

Massive tunes by people who live in your neighborhood.

Photo is of the band Blank Square.

Ep title comes from the song "Cream of the Crop" by Warp.


  1. A Love That's Unconditional by Free Paintings on pray for free paintings
  2. Dead Man Curve by RAYS on RAYS (Trouble in Mind)
  3. Made of Shadows by RAYS on RAYS (Trouble in Mind)
  4. A by X_X on Soul Jazz Records Presents (Soul Jazz)
  5. Rose by Mall Walk
  6. Empty My Head by Blank Square on Animal I
  7. Cicada by La Luz
  8. Late June by Marinero on High Tone
  9. Only Grey by Cool Ghouls on Gord's Horse (self released)
  10. Purple by Ancient Forest on Richard's Selections
  11. High Five After the Basketball Game by Turner Capehart on Relapse
  12. Flavor by Alleyes Manifest on James Wavey
  13. Mulligan by Small Crimes on Demons
  14. Sad is Fine by dot vom on Love Weights (Wave Dweller)
  15. Cream of the Crop by Warp on EP
  16. Kink Shop by Drama on Drama
  17. Do It For by Ohmi on 5:15 EP
  18. Real Cool Guy by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Vacant Stare)
  19. Language of Love by Earth Girl Helen Brown on Venus (Empty Cellar Records)
  20. Great Highway by Jacob Aranda on Great Highway
  21. Ashes by The She's on All Female Rock and Roll (Empty Cellar Records)
  22. The Moons Detriment by Shannon Lay on Living Water (Mare Records/Woodsist)
  23. Peel My Orange Every Morning by Ezra Furman on Transangelic Exodus (Bella Union)
  24. I am almost perfectly awake by NRVS LVRS
  25. Black Snakes by Mariee Sioux
  26. Émigré by Alela Diane on Cusp
  27. Surrender/ Control by Glaare on To Deaf And Day
  28. We All Die Alone by Anthony
  29. Dayzed Inn Daydreams by Ariel Pink on Pom Pom (4AD)
  30. Call again by Mall Walk on Funny Papers (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  31. I by B Boys on Dada (Captured Tracks)
  32. Down Down Gently by The Younger Lovers