Episode 10: Denley Hosts, OneWerd Guests

Denley Hosts Episode 10 of Opal Heights with Fake Four signee and "Builders Presents" event series organizer OneWerd.

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Squiebe, Harbour, I.VII.I.IX, Crested, Bdot, Megabusive, Amai, NimSins, Modern Language (Lucid Optics), Kayer, The Versifiers, Unlearn the World, Joe Mousepad (JAY3M), The I.M.F., Pride City Purpose, Oscar Goldman, Khemmeta, The Watershed, Equipto & Brycon, Dubldragon., The Zap Tap, Kev, Clops & Deacon, SPEXXX and Tony Dope, Alias, Notha Instant Classic, Pete Feliciano, Sach, Gee (The Understudies), Haez One


  1. Intro by N/A
  2. Untitled by Squiebe on Opal Heights Episode 10 Sample Beats
  3. The Beginning Place by Harbour on Opal Heights Episode 10 Sample Beats
  4. Mineraloid by I.VII.I.IX on Opal Heights Episode 10 Sample Beats
  5. Fadeaway by Crested on Opal Heights Episode 10 Sample Beats
  6. Opal by Bdot on Opal Heights Episode 10 Sample Beats
  7. Untitled by Megabusive on Opal Heights Episode 10 Sample Beats
  8. Untitled by Amai on Opal Heights Episode 10 Sample Beats
  9. Live Set and Talk Break by OneWerd
  10. Limits by NimSins
  11. Move Slow by Modern Language (Lucid Optics) on Ok Txt Me (Self-Released)
  12. Permanent Knock (feat. 2Mex, Maleko & DJ Vinroc) by Kayer on Permanent Knock (Sublevel Epidemic Recordings)
  13. Focus by The Versifiers on The Versifiers (Writerz Guild Records)
  14. I Saint I Sinner (feat. Rizzo) by Unlearn the World on I Saint I Sinner I Self (Intelligent Design Media Group)
  15. The Place - Original Remix by Joe Mousepad on Levels (Tomahawk Recordings)
  16. Matador Plankton (feat. NimSins, DJ Fooders) by The I.M.F. on Grime Status (Dead Pigeon Records)
  17. Just Another Day by Pride City Purpose on Life & Sound
  18. Deep End by Oscar Goldman on Prevoid EP (Fake Four Inc.)
  19. Rules of Engagement (feat. Born Historian) by Khemmeta on Reversing Entropy (Self-Released)
  20. The Sco (Equipto & Brycon) by The Watershed on Equipto & Brycon Present The Watershed (Star Bakery Records / Solidarity Records)
  21. Stone Masks by Dubldragon. on Y Wulvz? (Self-Released)
  22. Like Magic by The Zap Tap on The Awkward Jog Back (Self-Released)
  23. Go to Sleep by Kev, Clops & Deacon on The Woods (Self-Released)
  24. Newly Formed Association by SPEXXX and Tony Dope (Self-Released)
  25. Jovial Costume by Alias on The Other Side of the Looking Glass (anticon.)
  26. Arriving... by Notha Instant Classic on MENTAL VACATION: Trains of Thought (Self-Released)
  27. Be Alright by OneWerd & Pete Feliciano on OneWerd & Pete Feliciano (Self-Released)
  28. New Around Here (feat. Sach) by Denley on Close, Within Reach (Yellow Year Records)
  29. Out the Way by Gee (The Understudies) on Out the Way (Study Music Group)
  30. Can't Breathe Money by Haez One on Death to the Internet (Self-Released)