Episode 11: K’in Sventa Hosts, Selim X Guests

Episode 11 of Opal Heights...

This week K'in Sventa plays mostly local electronic artists and welcomes fellow member of the True Indigo collective, Selim X (Soundcloud / Bandcamp / iTunes)

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IDHAZ, Beast Nest, snuise, Kohinoorgasm, Indy Nyles, Experimental Housewife, Hydroplane, Rose Cherami, Turner Capehart, Brogan Bentley, Arboreal, Tehn, Russell E.L. Butler


  1. Intro by N/A
  2. Full Moon by IDHAZ on Drink the Wind (true indigo)
  3. roses pt.1 by IDHAZ on Drink the Wind (true indigo)
  4. roses pt.2 by IDHAZ on Drink the Wind (true indigo)
  5. Friends by Beast Nest on A History of Sexual Violence (Self-Released)
  6. Bodhi/Tekla by Snuise on Reminiscence (Self-Released)
  7. Call for Peace (Aman) by Kohinoorgasm on Titalee (Self-Released)
  8. Timeline (ft. Nackt) by Indy Nyles (Self-Released)
  9. Neversummer by Experimental Housewife on Neversummer EP (Jacktone Records)
  10. Fark by Hydroplane on Flowers (Circuitree Records)
  11. Talk Break by N/A
  12. ext source by K'in Sventa on Aural Submissions Vol 2 (Stable)
  13. take in tenths by Idhaz & Rose Cherami on Aural Submissions Vol 2 (Stable)
  14. Stretch Marks FAST EDIT by Turner Capehart on Aural Submissions Vol 2 (Stable)
  15. Give Myself to You by Brogan Bentley on The Snake (Leaving Records)
  16. Talk Break by N/A
  17. full circle by arboreal on anymore / yet (Self-Released)
  18. North Atlantic Oscillation by tehn (Self-Released)
  19. MANIPULATE by Russell E.L. Butler (Self-Released)
  20. Live Set by Selim X