Tuff Signals 185


  1. Can't Go Home by The Off Days on Lover Boy (Self Released)
  2. Hey, So Uh... by Tidal on Here Goes Nothing (Self Released)
  3. Kind Reminder by Positive No on Partners in the Wild (Little Black Cloud Recordings)
  4. Malibu Entropy by Rips on Rips (Faux Discx)
  5. Last Summer by Little Brazil on Send the Wolves (Max Trax)
  6. Last Summer by Little Brazil on Send the Wolves (Max Trax)
  7. Had A Fantastic by Clearance on At Your Leisure (Topshelf Reocrds)
  8. Bleeding by THICK on Would You Rather? (Self Released)
  9. MDM by Joe Passed on Their Prime (Sub Pop)
  10. Twelve Divisions of the Day by Drahla on Drahla (Captured Tracks)
  11. Feeling You by Harrison Storm on Feeling You (Nettwerk Music)
  12. The Feeling Is Alright by Ricky Hell & the Voidboys on s/t (Quality Time Records)
  13. Free Dog in the City by Ma Holos on Bee on a Rose (Quality Time Records)
  14. You Don't Wanna Know by Speedbabies on Orangebabes (What's for Breakfast)
  15. Sand in the Well by Pollen Rx on Sunbelt Emptiness (Austin Town Hall Records)
  16. Telepathic Tinnitus by Lint Trap on Infinity Pool EP (Self Released)
  17. Lay Awake by Rabbit Holes on Never Been Afraid (Self Released)
  18. Nose Picker by Negative Scanner on Nose Picker (Trouble In Mind)
  19. Vinnie by Lawn on Blood on the Tracks (Forged Artifacts)
  20. Good Boy by Ty Segall & White Fence on Joy (Drag City)
  21. Parasomnia by Peach Kelli Pop on Gentle Leader (Mint)
  22. Mausoleum by Wax Idols on Happy Ending (Etruscan Gold)
  23. My Hands by Suzies on Forget Me Not (Dizzybird Records)
  24. Eavsedropping by Scrunchies on Stunner (Forged Artifacts)
  25. The Moon and the Tide by Fox Face on Spoil + Destroy (Dirtnap Records)
  26. Cold Shoulder by Hollywood Makeout on Speedo Spider (Dizzybird Records)
  27. Say Say by Goldmines on Goldmines EP (Wax Mage and Quality Records)
  28. Mint by Dumb on Seeing Green (Mint Records)
  29. Pretty Bad Man by Elsa Lester on Dinner Party (z Tapes)
  30. Feel OK by Suspicious Beasts on Never Bloom (Alien Snatch)
  31. It's Gonna Go Away by Shannon & The Clams on Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
  32. Cicada by La Luz on Floating Features (Hardly Art)
  33. Ultraviolet by King Tuff on The Other (Sub Pop)