Tuff Signals 186


  1. Blown Up by Salad Boys on Halfway There : A Trouble In Mind 2018 (Trouble In Mind)
  2. Square One by En Attendant Ana on Halfway There : A Trouble In Mind 2018 (Trouble In Mind)
  3. Of Freedom by Matchess on Halfway There : A Trouble In Mind 2018 (Trouble In Mind)
  4. Dark Oscillations by Loma on Loma (Sub Pop)
  5. Rinse, Repeat by Kississippi on Sunset Blush (Bug Crusher Records)
  6. Lichen by Long Neck on Will This Do? (Self Released)
  7. Pinesol by Fern Mayo on Hex Signs (Self Released)
  8. No Thanks by Worriers on Survival Pop (SideOneDummy Records)
  9. Requiem by No Aloha on Cigarettes for Optimists (Self Released)
  10. Hypnotoad by Proud Parents on S/T (Dirt Cult Records)
  11. Beach Burrito by Captin Sunn on Beach Burrito (Stolen Sun Records)
  12. We Are Unknown by The Bedrooms on Dystopia Today (Self Released)
  13. Ghost by The High Curbs on Tommy (Self Released)
  14. Beach by Bad Shadows on Voices in the Dark (Resurrection Rec)
  15. Nameless Faceless by Courtney Barnett on Tell Me How You Really Feel (Milk! Records)
  16. Fangs Out by Bat Fangs on Bat Fangs (Don Giovanni Records)
  17. 1970s Chicks by Gee Tee on S/T (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  18. Asking Me by Ma Holos on Bee on a Rose (Quality Time Records)
  19. Dad's Theory by Fire Heads on S/T (Big Neck Records)
  20. I Wish I Wasn't Slow by Suzies on Forget Me Not (Dizzybird Records)
  21. Stare by The Sueves on Stare b/w Deal (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  22. Double Goer by Blizzard Babies on Missing Time (Don Giovanni Records)
  23. Leftovers by The Brooms on Here They Come! (CHAPUTA! Records)
  24. Too Much In Love by The Black Lips & The Khan Family on Play Safe (Ernest Jenning Record Co)
  25. Hell Hole by Kitten Forever on Semi-Permanent (Rat Queen Records)
  26. Greed Machine by La Luz on Floating Features (Hardly Art)
  27. Lockdown by Gal Gun on Special Music of Emotion (Dumpster Tapes)
  28. Too Far by The Moody Tulips on Snarky Baby (Self Released)
  29. Talking Numbers by Son of a Gun on Larry's Cookies (Tall Pat Records)
  30. Under the Rainbow by Blaha on The Long Arm of the Photobooth (No Coast Records)
  31. Don't Lie To Me by Rosali on Trouble Anyway (Midheaven)
  32. The Fool by OCS on Memory of a Cut Of Head (CastleFace Records)
  33. 123 by Wax Idols on Happy Ending (Etruscan Gold)