Melters 012315


  1. Last Train to Satansville by Swervedriver on Mezcal Head (Creation Records)
  2. Silhouettes by Viet Cong on Viet Cong (Jagjaguwar)
  3. Forced Rebirth by Mizery on Survive the Vibe EP (Lion's Share Records)
  4. Fuck Me Blind by Give on Electric Flower Circus (Moonflower Records)
  5. Tender by Circle X on Circle X (1979 EP) (Self-released)
  6. Churches by CLANK. on Skip Jump Matches demo (self-released)
  7. Easy Targets by Koward on Desperate EP (Side Two)
  8. Give It Here by Cretins on Cretins (Vinyl Conflict)
  9. Mind Control by Sunshine Ward on Demo (Hardware Records)
  10. Lost in Space by State of Alert on No Policy (Dischord)
  11. Up Against the Wall by Chain Rank on Up Against the Wall promo tape (self-released)
  12. The No More Blues by Tapehead on Flexi (Real Time Records)
  13. Bludgeon by Blight (Touch and Go)
  14. Moonshake by Can on Future Days (United Artists)
  15. I am Billy Bao, Right Here Right Now by Billy Bao on Dialectics of Shit (Parts Unknown)
  16. Droppin' Badboys by The Lowest Form on Negative Ecstasy (Iron Lung Records)
  17. On The Beach/Neglect by Gas Rag (Lengua Armada)
  18. Our Strength by Distract on Demo (2012) (Self-released)
  19. $ by Young Tryinas (White Denim)
  20. Too Many Creeps by Bush Tetras on Bumps in the Night (ROIR)
  21. Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy on Jailbreak (Mercury)
  22. Rraaah by Kurrakä on Kurrakä (Trabuc)
  23. Tough Luck by Sneaks on Sneaks (Sister Polygon)
  24. Evoke the Sleep by NUN on NUN (Aarght Records)
  25. No Birds by Cheveu on 1000 (Born Bad)
  26. Health and Efficiency by This Heat on Health and Efficiency (Piano)
  27. Native Son by Tar Babies on Mecht Mensch Split Tape (Bone Air)
  28. Masculine Artifice by G.L.O.S.S. on Demo (Not Normal Tapes)
  29. Chochos Voladores by Siniestro Total on Cuando se Come Aqui (DRO)
  30. Jipis En Mi Ciudad by Cocadictos on Cocadictos (Bazofia Records)
  31. Barcelona es diferente by Último Resorte on Último Resorte (Flor Y Nata Records)
  32. Addiction by Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers on Permanent Scar (Children Of The Revolution Records)
  33. Sisters Are Forever by Sexy Kids on Sisters Are Forever (Slumberland Records)
  34. In Name Only by Fat Creeps on Must Be Nice (Sophomore Records)
  35. To The Shaggerston by H. Grimace on I Am Material (Soft Power Records)
  36. Boylife in America/Bitch I'm Broke by Cody Chestnutt on The Headphone Masterpiece (Ready Set Go!)