1.25.2015 Alien She


  1. Deceptacon by Le Tigre on Le Tigre (Mr. Lady Records)
  2. My Cat by Jack Off Jill on Sexless Demons And Scars (Risk Records)
  3. Nothing Can Stop Me by Heavens to Betsy on Calculated (Kill Rock Stars)
  4. Price Tag by Sleater-Kinney on No Cities To Love (Sub Pop)
  5. Gettin' Mad and Pumpin' Iron by The Coathangers on Scramble (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  6. Interference Fits by Perfect Pussy on Say Yes to Love (Captured Records)
  7. Jane by Girlpool on Girlpool (Wichita Recordings)
  8. Tomboy by Habibi on Habibi (BURGER RECORDS)
  9. I Got A Lot (New New New) by Mika Miko on We Be XUXA (Post Present Medium)
  10. Dr. Suess by Autoclave on Teenbeat 50 (Matador)
  11. New Radio by Bikini Kill on New Radio (Kill Rock Stars)
  12. The Slap by Chalk Circle on Reflection (Mississippi)
  13. Babes in Toyland by Handsome + Gretel on Fontanelle (Reprise)
  14. Be Good by Frumpies on Frumpie One-Piece (Kill Rock Stars)
  15. Dicknail by Hole on My Body, the Hand Grenade (Sub Pop)
  16. Comet Gain by Ripped Up Suit on Realistes (Milou Studios)
  17. Drippin' by ZZZ's on Magnetica/Perscription
  18. Skeletal/Binary by The Scissor Girls on We People Space with Phantoms (Atavistic Records)
  19. Relevant Issues by AIDS Wolf on Cities of Glass (Lovepump United)
  20. Art Star by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Shifty)
  21. Hurricane by The Coathangers on Larceny & Old Lace (Suicide Squeeze)
  22. Punk Prayer "Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away" by Pussy Riot
  23. Definition by The Third Sex on Card Carryin' (Chainsaw)
  24. Majesty by The Need
  25. Groundhog's Day by Excuse 17 on Excuse Seventeen (Chainsaw)
  26. Good Things by Sleater Kinney on Call The Doctor (Sub Pop)
  27. Strumpet by Lois on Strumpet (K Records)
  28. All Women Are Bitches by Fifth Column on All Women Are Bitches (K Records)
  29. I Walk Alone by Mecca Normal (K Records)
  30. Go Fish by Cub on Betti-Cola (Mint Records)
  31. Getaway by Ten Days Late (Klark Records)
  32. I am there while you choke on me by Blonde Redhead on La Mia Vita Violenta (Smell Like Records)
  33. Panty Lies by Sonic Youth on Washing Machine (DGC)