The Revolution Summer 064


  1. The 1/5 Compromise by Colossal on Welcome The Problems (Asian Man)
  2. Another Flammarion Woodcut by Adjy on Prelude (.3333) (Self Released)
  3. Protection by Movements on Demos (Self Released)
  4. Best Looking Boys by The Promise Ring on Boys + Girls (Jade Tree)
  5. Ladies and Gentleman: My Brother, The Failure by Thursday on Kill The Houselights (Victory)
  6. Code Red by The Secret Band on Special Little Devil (Self Released)
  7. Shoe In by The Secret Stars on Genealogies (Shrimper)
  8. No Sensitivity by Jimmy Eat World on Jimmy Eat World/Jebediah (Big Wheel Recreation)
  9. Distress Signal by Tigers Jaw on Charmer (Run for Cover)
  10. Coca Cola by Pity Sex on Dark World (Run For Cover)
  11. Bracelets by The Spill Canvas on Sunsets and Car Crashes (One Eleven)
  12. Most Of The Time by Turnover on Magnolia (Run For Cover)
  13. Benju & The Pig Men by Ache Hour Credo on Demo (Self Released)
  14. In This Diary by The Ataris on So Long, Astoria (Columbia)
  15. Birds by The Starting Line on Directions (Virgin)
  16. Over / Appointments by Julien Baker on Appointments (Matador Records)
  17. I've Been Doing Well by Nothing,Nowhere on Bummer (Self Released)
  18. Move Along by The All-American Rejects on Move Along (Interscope)
  19. Body And Blood by City Mouth on Hollows (Take This To Heart)
  20. Innocent Party by Jetty Bones on Old Women (Self Released)
  21. Do You Feel by The Rocket Summer on Do You Feel (Island)
  22. The Fire by Senses Fail on The Fire (Vagrant)
  23. Evolve Into Nothing. by The New Trust on Dark Is The Path Which Lies Before Us. (Slowdance)
  24. Me First by Real Friends on Composure (Fearless)
  25. Intangible by Warm Thoughts on I Went Swimming Alone (Asian Man)
  26. The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports by glassJAw on Worship And Tribute (Warner Brothers)
  27. Birdhouse by Tiny Moving Parts on Celebrate (Triple Crown)
  28. Indoor Voices by Transit on Something Left Behind (Mightier then the sword)