The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #124

get yer groove on with a slo mo haus vibe, going in deep with great new trax from Doubt, Loidis, Doppelate, Gayphextwin, Khotin, and waaay more!


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  1. April by Doubt on Bad Plans (Visit $ Buy
  2. The Floating Wolrd (& All Its Pleasures) by Loidis on A Parade, In The Place I Sit, The Floating World (& All Its Pleasures) (Visit $ Buy
  3. Pili Pala Kisses by Doppelate on It's Nice Here (Visit $ Buy
  4. who will by gayphextwin on untitled (Visit $ Buy
  5. Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix) by Curve on Rare and Unreleased (Visit $ Buy
  6. Water Soaked In Forever by Khotin on Beautiful You (Visit $ Buy
  7. Equilibrium by Kareem Lotfy on QTT10 (Quiet Time Tapes) $ Buy
  8. CA2 by Church Andrews on CA1 (Visit $ Buy
  9. ALGO1 w/ Birds by BCPL (-) $ Buy
  10. åå˜çˆ´˜† √√å®ß by Aancient Vvars on AANCIENT v7437 (Visit $ Buy
  11. 4-Panel Meme by Kindohm on Starter Pack Meme (Visit $ Buy
  12. NTE GDN by NYZ on NTE GDN (Conditional) $ Buy
  13. Fanfare by Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends on FRKWYS Vol. 14 - Nue (Visit $ Buy
  14. Let's Make The Most Of Our Time Here by Bruce on Patina Echoes (Visit $ Buy
  15. Zagga by Okzharp & Manthe Ribane on Closer Apart (Visit $ Buy
  16. Slay x Stef Smith x Rolla x Rem Luca x Chimpo- Summer Breeze by Box N Lock (Visit $ Buy
  17. Silver by Diptera on 001 (antenna) (-) $ Buy
  18. Miro Tape (Side B) by Duppy Gun Productions on Miro Tape (Visit $ Buy