The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #125

full on extreme computer music edition, lots of great algo gems from Spednar, Peter Seligman, Victor Moragues, Church Andrews, Kindohm, plus broken jungle and rave from Diptera, X-Altera, Sully, Cong Burn, and a ton more!


  1. Untitledada by Spednar on Snare Snacks (Visit
  2. Chinaski by Venetian Snares on Songs About My Cats (Planet Mu)
  3. multinite by Peter Seligman on s:t ~ray (Visit
  4. 0015A by Victor Moragues on AA0015 (Visit
  5. Warm Enclosure by kindohm on decera (Visit
  6. CA3 by Church Andrews on CA1 (Visit
  7. ÅÅncienˇ VV4‰z by Aancient Vvars on AANCIENT v7437 (Visit
  8. Hardware Acid by exillon on Mean Rich Mud (Visit
  9. F16 by Diptera on 001 (antenna)
  10. Shoreline (Can't Understand) by X-Altera on X-Altera
  11. Gone Too Soon (Sully Remix) by 2 Bad Mice on Sully & FaltyDL Remixes (Visit
  12. Horus by Neinzer on Patina Echoes (Visit
  13. Untitled by Lack on Cong Burn 03 (Visit
  14. whatever by gayphextwin on untitled (Visit
  15. Duetto by DONATO DOZZY on Filo Loves the Acid
  16. War by Miss Red on K.O. (Ninja Tune)
  17. Dancing Under CS by NPLGNN on Sonico
  18. What Is Happening by Doubt on Bad Plans (Visit
  19. Signal by Wheelman on Signal (Visit
  20. Gacx by Hank Jackson on Untitled (Visit
  21. Levi's Synth by Khotin on Beautiful You (Visit