The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #125

full on extreme computer music edition, lots of great algo gems from Spednar, Peter Seligman, Victor Moragues, Church Andrews, Kindohm, plus broken jungle and rave from Diptera, X-Altera, Sully, Cong Burn, and a ton more!


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  1. Untitledada by Spednar on Snare Snacks (Visit $ Buy
  2. Chinaski by Venetian Snares on Songs About My Cats (Planet Mu) $ Buy
  3. multinite by Peter Seligman on s:t ~ray (Visit $ Buy
  4. 0015A by Victor Moragues on AA0015 (Visit $ Buy
  5. Warm Enclosure by kindohm on decera (Visit $ Buy
  6. CA3 by Church Andrews on CA1 (Visit $ Buy
  7. ÅÅncienˇ VV4‰z by Aancient Vvars on AANCIENT v7437 (Visit $ Buy
  8. Hardware Acid by exillon on Mean Rich Mud (Visit $ Buy
  9. F16 by Diptera on 001 (antenna) (-) $ Buy
  10. Shoreline (Can't Understand) by X-Altera on X-Altera (-) $ Buy
  11. Gone Too Soon (Sully Remix) by 2 Bad Mice on Sully & FaltyDL Remixes (Visit $ Buy
  12. Horus by Neinzer on Patina Echoes (Visit $ Buy
  13. Untitled by Lack on Cong Burn 03 (Visit $ Buy
  14. whatever by gayphextwin on untitled (Visit $ Buy
  15. Duetto by DONATO DOZZY on Filo Loves the Acid (-) $ Buy
  16. War by Miss Red on K.O. (Ninja Tune) $ Buy
  17. Dancing Under CS by NPLGNN on Sonico (-) $ Buy
  18. What Is Happening by Doubt on Bad Plans (Visit $ Buy
  19. Signal by Wheelman on Signal (Visit $ Buy
  20. Gacx by Hank Jackson on Untitled (Visit $ Buy
  21. Levi's Synth by Khotin on Beautiful You (Visit $ Buy