cheetle radio 7.13.18... why so sunny sf?


  1. Lost My Head In There by Kurt Vile on B'lieve I'm Going Down... (Matador)
  2. lady godiva's operation by ulrika spacek on everything: all the time (tough love records)
  3. fiction is non-fiction by greg ashley on fiction is non-fiction (dusty medical records)
  4. Porque Manana by Night Beats on Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly)
  5. 9 by follakzoid on II (Sacred Bones)
  6. space curse by lumerians on call of the void (fuzz club)
  7. Skin Diving by Dirt Dress on Revelations EP
  8. Break
  9. gyre by meatbodies on alice (in the red)
  10. Break
  11. life on the grid by useless eaters on hypertension
  12. raven raven by exploded view on obey (sacred bones)
  13. inherently low by nots on cosmetic (Goner/Heavenly)
  14. i want more by can on flow motion (spoon records)
  15. Break
  16. wah wah by guru guru on wah wah (think progressive)
  17. Break
  18. kingdom of god by dead skeletons on dead magik (fuzz club)
  19. evil angel by singapore sling on kill kill kill (fuzz club)
  20. grab as much (as you can) by the black angels on death song (partisan records)
  21. Break
  22. Let it Burn by GOAT on Let it Burn (Rocket Recordings)
  23. Break
  24. the crescent ship by bad liquor pond on blue smoke orange sky
  25. Extremely Bad Man by Shintaro Sakamoto on Let's Dance Raw (Other Music Recordings)
  26. windows by sugar candy mountain on 666 ((self))
  27. Break
  28. hey! little child by alex chilton on Like Flies on Sherbert (peabody)
  29. Mind Daze by Psychic Ills on Hazed Dream (sacred bones)
  30. do you feel it by holy wave on relax (reverberation appreciation society)
  31. I'd Like To See The Bad Guys Win by Margo Guryan on 27 Demos (Oglio Records)