Ep 34: "love unconditional"

Photo is of James Wavey, playing Oakland.Secret on July 17 with Small Crimes.

Episode title is from his "Psych Bop".

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  1. Yellow Flower by Mae Powell on trash flowers ep (-) $ Buy
  2. Psych Bop by James Wavey on James Wavey (-) $ Buy
  3. Runner by Small Crimes on Demons (-) $ Buy
  4. Worms by Cold Beat (-) $ Buy
  5. Go by Flasher (-) $ Buy
  6. Pressure by Flasher (-) $ Buy
  7. Tehigren by Bombino on Nomad (Noensuch) $ Buy
  8. Psychic Palms by Smokin' Ziggurats (-) $ Buy
  9. Big Train by Pllush on Stranger to the Pain (Father / Daughter Records) $ Buy
  10. Howl by Azuah (-) $ Buy
  11. Real Cool Guy by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Vacant Stare) $ Buy
  12. Head Over Heels by Pardoner (-) $ Buy
  13. Cut Me Off by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (-) $ Buy
  14. Don't Step by Doncat on Preservation fo the Spirit (Marble Eye Records) $ Buy
  15. Book In Heaven by Cindy (-) $ Buy
  16. Graveyard Dust by The Svvells (-) $ Buy
  17. beat 5! by Hevin on Vol. 1 Adventurous Club (textme records) $ Buy
  18. Young Bitches Got the Torch by Qing Qi on If The Niggah Ain't Shit, Play This For His Bitch (-) $ Buy
  19. Burn Away by Adrenochrome on Buzz or Howl Sessions (-) $ Buy
  20. CPD by Preening on Nice Dice (-) $ Buy
  21. Roman Figure by Topographies (-) $ Buy
  22. Idle Bells by The Acharis (-) $ Buy
  23. Autobahn by MahaWam (-) $ Buy
  24. Inner Space by Same Girls (textme records) $ Buy
  25. No Pain by Patti (-) $ Buy
  26. Leatherjacket by K. Skelton on Leatherjacket (Ghost Dog) $ Buy
  27. New Crease by Marbled Eye on Tour Promo 2018 (-) $ Buy
  28. The Best by Tanukichan on Sundays (-) $ Buy
  29. Still Green by Curling (Coppermouth Records) $ Buy
  30. 24 by Dot Vom on Melatonin EP (textme records) $ Buy
  31. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) by My Bloody Valentine on Isn't Anything (Creation) $ Buy
  32. Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears on Songs for the Big Chair (Mercury) $ Buy
  33. Kiss and Tell by The Love-Birds (Trouble in Mind) $ Buy
  34. Fire Doesn't Burn Itself by Sam Flax (n/a) $ Buy
  35. Sick Obsession by Mean Jolene (-) $ Buy