Ep 34: "love unconditional"

Photo is of James Wavey, playing Oakland.Secret on July 17 with Small Crimes.

Episode title is from his "Psych Bop".

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  1. Yellow Flower by Mae Powell on trash flowers ep
  2. Psych Bop by James Wavey on James Wavey
  3. Runner by Small Crimes on Demons
  4. Worms by Cold Beat
  5. Go by Flasher
  6. Pressure by Flasher
  7. Tehigren by Bombino on Nomad (Noensuch)
  8. Psychic Palms by Smokin' Ziggurats
  9. Big Train by Pllush on Stranger to the Pain (Father / Daughter Records)
  10. Howl by Azuah
  11. Real Cool Guy by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Vacant Stare)
  12. Head Over Heels by Pardoner
  13. Cut Me Off by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes
  14. Don't Step by Doncat on Preservation fo the Spirit (Marble Eye Records)
  15. Book In Heaven by Cindy
  16. Graveyard Dust by The Svvells
  17. beat 5! by Hevin on Vol. 1 Adventurous Club (textme records)
  18. Young Bitches Got the Torch by Qing Qi on If The Niggah Ain't Shit, Play This For His Bitch
  19. Burn Away by Adrenochrome on Buzz or Howl Sessions
  20. CPD by Preening on Nice Dice
  21. Roman Figure by Topographies
  22. Idle Bells by The Acharis
  23. Autobahn by MahaWam
  24. Inner Space by Same Girls (textme records)
  25. No Pain by Patti
  26. Leatherjacket by K. Skelton on Leatherjacket (Ghost Dog)
  27. New Crease by Marbled Eye on Tour Promo 2018
  28. The Best by Tanukichan on Sundays
  29. Still Green by Curling (Coppermouth Records)
  30. 24 by Dot Vom on Melatonin EP (textme records)
  31. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) by My Bloody Valentine on Isn't Anything (Creation)
  32. Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears on Songs for the Big Chair (Mercury)
  33. Kiss and Tell by The Love-Birds (Trouble in Mind)
  34. Fire Doesn't Burn Itself by Sam Flax
  35. Sick Obsession by Mean Jolene