Ep 35: "You can't bullshit a Taurus"

Episode title is from the Just Rese song "Brain Goldfish".

Photo is of Topographies, who are playing the Knockout this Friday with Cruel Summer.

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  1. Hammered at the Housewarming by UT Kirin (-) $ Buy
  2. Brain Goldfish by Just Rese (-) $ Buy
  3. Chupa by Sirena Victima on to you and yours (Self-Released) $ Buy
  4. Skeleton by Mourn on Sorpresa Familia (-) $ Buy
  5. Children by Chastity on Death Lust (-) $ Buy
  6. Worms by Cold Beat on Worms EP (-) $ Buy
  7. Cut Me Off by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (-) $ Buy
  8. Still Green by Curling (Coppermouth Records) $ Buy
  9. Pink Thoughts by Topographies (-) $ Buy
  10. Trust by Cruel Summer on Ivy (-) $ Buy
  11. Queen by Boy Scouts on Hobby Limit (Processional Cross) $ Buy
  12. Feeling to Believe by Palomas on Demo (-) $ Buy
  13. A to B by Bobbi Rohs on JusttheletterB (textme records) $ Buy
  14. Could Be Parents by Free Paintings (-) $ Buy
  15. Disco by Moon Daze on EP (-) $ Buy
  16. Corners by Warm Springs (-) $ Buy
  17. Ghost by Kiss from a Rose (-) $ Buy
  18. Giant Brain by Wimps on Garbage People (Kill Rock Stars) $ Buy
  19. O.P.P. by Wimps on Garbage People (Kill Rock Stars) $ Buy
  20. CPD by Preening on Nice Dice EP (Fine Concepts) $ Buy
  21. In Your Hands by There's Talk on bathed water moon (-) $ Buy
  22. Distance // Absence by Young Lovers on Young Lovers / Wander Split (Headless Queen Records) $ Buy
  23. You Have a Way by Rose Droll on Photograph (-) $ Buy
  24. Royal Geography Society by China on Towards the Sun (-) $ Buy
  25. Changing with the Weather by Little Debbie and the Crusaders on I'm not Your Boo (-) $ Buy
  26. Replaced by highandfragile (-) $ Buy
  27. If by Janet Jackson on Janet (Virgin) $ Buy
  28. Smoov by TONER on Heavens Blade (-) $ Buy
  29. Bruxism by Void Boys on Glamorpus (Too Far Gone Records) $ Buy
  30. Too Pure by Sagittaire on Dreamboat (-) $ Buy
  31. Open Minds Open Minds by Mayya and the Revolutionary Hell Yeah! (-) $ Buy
  32. Pivot Fakie by Pardoner on Uncontrollable Salvation (Father/Daughter Records) $ Buy
  33. David Caspian by Pope (-) $ Buy
  34. Memento by New Circle (-) $ Buy