Ep 35: "You can't bullshit a Taurus"

Episode title is from the Just Rese song "Brain Goldfish".

Photo is of Topographies, who are playing the Knockout this Friday with Cruel Summer.

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  1. Hammered at the Housewarming by UT Kirin
  2. Brain Goldfish by Just Rese
  3. Chupa by Sirena Victima on to you and yours (Self-Released)
  4. Skeleton by Mourn on Sorpresa Familia
  5. Children by Chastity on Death Lust
  6. Worms by Cold Beat on Worms EP
  7. Cut Me Off by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes
  8. Still Green by Curling (Coppermouth Records)
  9. Pink Thoughts by Topographies
  10. Trust by Cruel Summer on Ivy
  11. Queen by Boy Scouts on Hobby Limit (Processional Cross)
  12. Feeling to Believe by Palomas on Demo
  13. A to B by Bobbi Rohs on JusttheletterB (textme records)
  14. Could Be Parents by Free Paintings
  15. Disco by Moon Daze on EP (Self Released)
  16. Corners by Warm Springs
  17. Ghost by Kiss from a Rose
  18. Giant Brain by Wimps on Garbage People (Kill Rock Stars)
  19. O.P.P. by Wimps on Garbage People (Kill Rock Stars)
  20. CPD by Preening on Nice Dice EP (Fine Concepts)
  21. In Your Hands by There's Talk on bathed water moon
  22. Distance // Absence by Young Lovers on Young Lovers / Wander Split (Headless Queen Records)
  23. You Have a Way by Rose Droll on Photograph
  24. Royal Geography Society by China on Towards the Sun
  25. Changing with the Weather by Little Debbie and the Crusaders on I'm not Your Boo
  26. Replaced by highandfragile
  27. If by Janet Jackson on Janet (Virgin)
  28. Smoov by TONER on Heavens Blade
  29. Bruxism by Void Boys on Glamorpus (Too Far Gone Records)
  30. Too Pure by Sagittaire on Dreamboat
  31. Open Minds Open Minds by Mayya and the Revolutionary Hell Yeah!
  32. Pivot Fakie by Pardoner on Uncontrollable Salvation (Father/Daughter Records)
  33. David Caspian by Pope
  34. Memento by New Circle