Bobbi Rohs


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Recent broadcasts featuring Bobbi Rohs

  • Stoney Creation , whose Ep if it resonates..  ( bandcamp )  is comprised of open sonic spaces for self-knowledge and its active form, revelation. 📸  by Gabriel…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • When it really works lo-fi songs submerged under hiss or noise or blur have the effect of pulling the listener closer to the music, into the…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • David Castillo, pictured here with Ben and Charles,  whose spiritual jazz/new age album The Suite Life ( bandcamp ) is meditative and vulnerable in times of…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • On There's Talk 's new EP Great Falls ( bandcamp ), the pull of the beat between vocal poles builds an intensifying elemental frisson, where any…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • In the week leading up to this year’s Juneteenth celebration ASTU and Heno. collaborated on music, and the resulting three songs (titled “1”, “2,” “3”) released…

    I Luv Mondays 120 mins

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