Indierockgirl Radio - 8.05.18

The best new indie rock tunes, just as the name implies!


  1. Altair by The Lay Llamas on Thuban (Rocket Recordings)
  2. starry eyed - demo by PYNKIE on starry eyed - demo
  3. Michael Nau by When on The Mighty Thread (Light in the Attic)
  4. Goodness by Tim Cohen on Goodness (Sinderlyn)
  5. Watermelon Sugar (Alcohol) by Sea Pinks on Watermelon Sugar
  6. Holdin On by The Clean on Gateway (Merge)
  7. Up All Night by Vincent H.L on Weird Days (Vincent H.L.)
  8. Courtney by SEND MEDICINE on Mermaids on the Verandah (Honey House)
  9. Tooth Ache by RF Shannon on Trickster Blues (Fuzz Club)
  10. Weed Wacker by The Donkeys on Sun Damaged Youth (The Donkeys)
  11. Memory of a Cut off Head by OCS on Memory of a Cut Off Head (Castle Face Records)
  12. Les Egouts by Timbre Timbre on Les Egouts (City Slang)
  13. Cravado by Laure Briard on Cravado (Midnight Special)
  14. Suzuki by Zack Mexico on Get Rich and Live Forever (Self Released)
  15. Western Wash by Ladada on Western Wash