The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #127

ambient beginnings -> algorave!


  1. Pith by Pariah on Here From Where We Are (Houndstooth)
  2. Improvise in a Pinch by Renick Bell on Turning Points (Visit
  3. O by Shygirl on Cruel Practice (Visit
  4. The American Lie by BEVERLY HILLS 808303 on Dealers & Lies (Visit
  5. Stem4bcc by Diptera on 001 (antenna)
  6. Spring by Chekov on Cong Burn 03 (Visit
  7. Floating Oz by The Marx Trukker on Tying Down Time Belts (Visit
  8. jam 2 by Machine Listener and Spednar
  9. Freedom at the 45th Floor by Pauline Anna Strom on Trans-Millenia Music (Visit
  10. Our Valleys Are Always Uncanny by RAIME on Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me? (Visit
  11. Disto Beatz2 by FUMU on Sinuate
  12. CONMAN PAXI by Gottlieb-McEvoy on CODE270 (Visit
  13. Grasshunter (Original Mix) by EXOS on Don’t You Mess With Cupid, 'Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid.
  14. GFlores by spinborn on Snare Snacks (Visit
  15. Pamela by Mafgar on Snare Snacks (Visit
  16. broke by gayphextwin on untitled (Visit
  17. Saccade (ft. Julianna Barwick) by Steve Hauschildt on Dissolvi (Visit
  18. across the cfloor v2 v1 by Sharp Veins on detritus preterit selections (Visit
  19. Passivity Fields by X-Altera on X-Altera
  20. Anchovies and XXX Sloppy Joes by DXGPVWZ
  21. 15 c7 (Original Mix) by UNIVERSAL INDICATOR on Don’t You Mess With Cupid, 'Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid.
  22. Brus L by Suumhow on Crash_Reports (Visit
  23. 0016A by Sarah Rasines on AA0016 (Visit
  24. vrf by Amhain on k[:\y/b[4.g\ (Visit