The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #127

ambient beginnings -> algorave!


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  1. Pith by Pariah on Here From Where We Are (Houndstooth) $ Buy
  2. Improvise in a Pinch by Renick Bell on Turning Points (Visit $ Buy
  3. O by Shygirl on Cruel Practice (Visit $ Buy
  4. The American Lie by BEVERLY HILLS 808303 on Dealers & Lies (Visit $ Buy
  5. Stem4bcc by Diptera on 001 (antenna) (-) $ Buy
  6. Spring by Chekov on Cong Burn 03 (Visit $ Buy
  7. Floating Oz by The Marx Trukker on Tying Down Time Belts (Visit $ Buy
  8. jam 2 by Machine Listener and Spednar (-) $ Buy
  9. Freedom at the 45th Floor by Pauline Anna Strom on Trans-Millenia Music (Visit $ Buy
  10. Our Valleys Are Always Uncanny by RAIME on Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me? (Visit $ Buy
  11. Disto Beatz2 by FUMU on Sinuate (-) $ Buy
  12. CONMAN PAXI by Gottlieb-McEvoy on CODE270 (Visit $ Buy
  13. Grasshunter (Original Mix) by EXOS on Don’t You Mess With Cupid, 'Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid. (-) $ Buy
  14. GFlores by spinborn on Snare Snacks (Visit $ Buy
  15. Pamela by Mafgar on Snare Snacks (Visit $ Buy
  16. broke by gayphextwin on untitled (Visit $ Buy
  17. Saccade (ft. Julianna Barwick) by Steve Hauschildt on Dissolvi (Visit $ Buy
  18. across the cfloor v2 v1 by Sharp Veins on detritus preterit selections (Visit $ Buy
  19. Passivity Fields by X-Altera on X-Altera (-) $ Buy
  20. Anchovies and XXX Sloppy Joes by DXGPVWZ (-) $ Buy
  21. 15 c7 (Original Mix) by UNIVERSAL INDICATOR on Don’t You Mess With Cupid, 'Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid. (-) $ Buy
  22. Brus L by Suumhow on Crash_Reports (Visit $ Buy
  23. 0016A by Sarah Rasines on AA0016 (Visit $ Buy
  24. vrf by Amhain on k[:\y/b[4.g\ (Visit $ Buy