The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #128


  1. Opium Hum by ELpH vs. Coil on Worship The Glitch
  2. 0016AA by Sarah Rasines on AA0016 (Visit
  3. Georgia by Carmel on Georgia (Visit
  4. Do You Know by TIRZAH on Devotion (Domino Record Co)
  5. B3. Aisle / Aisle by / / / / on [JGT24] "____+" (Visit
  6. Broken (And Out Of Sync) by Supreems on Close Your Eyes (And Feel) EP (Visit
  7. Asher Wolfe by Shygirl on Cruel Practice (Visit
  8. Disto Beatz15 by FUMU on Sinuate
  9. i care for what u wish for v1 by Sharp Veins on detritus preterit selections (Visit
  10. Aywaille by Suumhow on Crash_Reports (Visit
  11. Dissolvi by Steve Hauschildt on Dissolvi (Visit
  12. B5. Morning After by Ryan Wick on [JGT25] "My Head" (Visit
  13. four of seven by AUTECHRE on NTS Session 1 (Warp Records)
  14. onomatopoeia by nq on onomatopoeia (Visit
  15. Dealer by BEVERLY HILLS 808303 on Dealers & Lies (Visit
  16. sheffield practise 14 by Thorsten Sideb0ard
  17. Dancing Girl by Altered Natives on DBA039.5 (Visit
  18. Buds by Renick Bell on Turning Points (Visit
  19. Orchestration (Original Mix) by Mbulelo on The Robotic People EP
  20. Signal by Wheelman on Signal (Don't Be Afraid)