1/29 with Davey Bones and guest DJ Bildo plus interview with In Letter Form!


  1. Sacrosanct by Play Dead
  2. Because You're Frightened by Magazine
  3. Sunfeast by M.A.D.
  4. Hit The Dead by Spasmodic Caress
  5. That Was You by Pink Turns Blue
  6. Sparrows and Nightengales by Woflsheim
  7. Morningstar In A Black Car by Ashbury Heights
  8. Francis by Sunshine Blind
  9. We Love To by The Merry Thoughts
  10. Giving Ground by The Sisterhood
  11. End Times by In Letter Form
  12. Wait Now by In Letter Form
  13. Headhunter by Fangs On Fur
  14. Slave by 1919
  15. Agonized By Love by Clan of Xymox
  16. Attica by Linea Aspera
  17. Yakutska by Click Click
  18. The Scent Of Love by Wax Idols
  19. Hazel by Cocteau Twins
  20. The Wake by Theatre of Hate
  21. Death Cult by God's Zoo
  22. Ave Dementia by The Marionettes
  23. Grooving In Green by The March Violets
  24. Vampyre Erotica by Inkubus Sukkubus