2/12/2015 with Erix (Null and Void) and phone interview with Daniel Knop!


  1. Modele Martial by Reve De Perrier
  2. Shape of The Song by Makaton Chat
  3. Danse/Move by Danse Society
  4. O.K. This Is The Pops by Tones On Tail
  5. Waiting For by Trisomie 21
  6. Valentine by Sisters of Mercy
  7. Soul In Isolation by The Chameleons
  8. Life By The Sea by The Names
  9. Game and Performance by Deux
  10. Rubberband Lazer by Klaus Nomi
  11. Headhunter by Fangs On Fur
  12. Take It All Away by Roadside Memorial
  13. Interzone by Crimson Scarlet
  14. The Fairest of Them All by Princess Tinymeat
  15. Hide And Seek by Brigandage
  16. Kill Time by Svatsox
  17. Lagartija Nick by Bauhaus
  18. One Moment Like This by Humour Malade
  19. Fade To Grey by Visage
  20. Pink Frost by The Chills
  21. We Are Time by The Pop Group
  22. Hungry, So Angry by Medium Medium
  23. Love Song by Simple Minds